Career Office

What does the Career Office do?

Sometimes you see professional titles at universities but can hardly imagine what that person might actually do. That is why we asked Jan Fischoeder of the Career Office at IUBH University of Applied Sciences to describe exactly what his job involves.


What is your official job title?

I am Head of Career Office of the IUBH Berlin.

What exactly is the Career Office responsible for?

We prepare students for their transition into the labour market. That implies providing support in putting together the required application documents. Simultaneously, people business is key, i.e. intensifying and adding professional partners and employers to the network of the IUBH. The objective is to provide students with both part-time and full-time positions and professional opportunities. The third target group are alumnae and alumni as they are very welcome to turn to the Career Office with questions regarding their professional development and as they are useful role models for currently enrolled students.

How do you become Head of Career Office?

I am sure that there is not a unique way to become Head of Career Office. For me, experience is the key word. After completing my studies in Economics and Philosophy in London, I worked for a bank and a consultancy. After this, I was responsible for setting up and coordinating the Career Office of a private university in Berlin. I joined the IUBH after having been responsible for the Incoming Office of a public German university.

What do you like about your job?

The diversity and internationality of the students, alumnae, and alumni are really inspiring. The individual issues students bring along asking for advice make me grow professionally and personally.

What are the major challenges?

Given the growth in student numbers, my key challenge is balancing individual support and standardization. It is equally challenging to offer long-term professional opportunities and entry positions in Germany to the international students. I also try to strike a fine balance in terms of the Career Talks at the IUBH Berlin between presentations offered by alumnae and alumni on the one hand and employers on the other.


Jan Fischoeder is 45 und has been Head of Career Office at the IUBH since December 2017. He goes swimming and running whenever he has some time off.

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