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“We learn from each other”

For two years now professors Malte Martensen and Jan Pieper have been working together on job market topics such as the integration of refugees, employability and investment in training. We asked them how they got into that and how they manage to work together.


IUBH: This last year they published six articles together. What did it feel like to be a research team?

Malte Martensen: We sit in the same office and chat about all sorts of things. The basic idea for our first paper on the topic of integrating refugees came about through a student paper. We developed it further. An abstract was easily written and the story went down well. We were somewhat surprised about the positive response ourselves.

IUBH: That sounds like it was more like a coincidence.

Jan Pieper: At any rate we didn’t have a master plan. Malte has a lot of expertise in HR and I have it more in applied microeconomics. But ultimately it is curiosity about the same topics which drives us. Do you have a certain work system in your projects?
Martensen: Jan is more the research type. He likes to work on fine tuning the texts…
Pieper: … and Malte is more the project manager. He enjoys finding the right outlets – magazines and conferences – and tailoring the topics to the various target groups.

IUBH: What are the advantages of “researching in a team”?

Martensen: We learn from each other. Above all when writing you can see how the other person thinks. With our different perspectives – Jan is closer to science, I am more practical – we just complement each other very well. Also, you are much more motivated in a team.

IUBH: Your topics are very varied and often very topical. How do you get your ideas?

Pieper: There are many sources of inspiration: Professional publications, student papers, work experience partners or just a discussion in everyday life.

IUBH: You wrote the last two publications together with Florian Hummel. Will the Martensen/Pieper research team be expanding?

Pieper: We have an open system and enjoy working together with others. Aside from Florian, Hannah Nagler and Sebastian Busse, who both also lecture at the Berlin campus, already belong to the team. We already have several joint projects in the pipe line.

IUBH: We are excited about what kind of projects they will be and wish them continued success.


research teamDr. Malte Martensen has been professor for HR Management and Organisation at the Berlin campus of IUBH since the summer semester of 2016. He works as a certified trainer and coach and has specialised in Change Management, HR Strategy, Leadership and Digital Transformation.




research teamDr. Jan Pieper has been professor for Business Economics at the Berlin campus of IUBH since the winter semester of 2015. After graduating at the University of Zurich he worked in the field of digital music TV for a Swiss start-up.





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