Discussion Papers

“Subject areas at IUBH are quite diverse”

Research Coordinator Kerstin Janson talks about the new publication series IUBH Discussion Papers.


Kerstin, you are responsible for something new at IUBH, namely IUBH Discussion Papers. What exactly is this?

IUBH Discussion Papers is a new online publication medium at IUBH where all IUBH professors have the opportunity to publish current research findings and discuss theses.

Why was this new online publication medium initiated?

As an assessable publication platform, it does not involve the complex review processes of traditional journals. On the one hand, it gives professors the chance to publish more quickly, and on the other hand, to inform others about IUBH research activities.

Who can participate?

IUBH Discussions Papers is open to all professors and academic staff at IUBH. Papers are submitted to me in my capacity as Research Coordinator, and then published in consultation with the respective department head. A style template ensures standardized design.

IUBH Discussion Papers is a series. Why?

There are six series and each one reflects an academic area at IUBH: tourism & hospitality, marketing, transport & logistics, business & management, healthcare & social work and IT & engineering. Each series can therefore address a unified professional audience. The disciplines at IUBH are now so diverse that publishing research findings in a single series would lead to a chaotic potpourri of topics.

How and where are the research findings published?

IUBH Discussion Papers is an online medium and can be downloaded from the IUBH university website.

Good luck Kerstin with the new publication series! We look forward to the interesting topics it will address.


Kerstin Janson is 41 years old. She has been working in her current position as Research Coordinator at IUBH since 2016. She likes to spend her free time with her family, reading or as an active gymnast and trainer of a girls’ gymnastics team.

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