Small but nice – Studying in Peine

We want to hear from our students what they like most about where they are studying. Today, Nils tells us what makes Peine so special during the winter semester.


I especially like the atmosphere during the Christmas season where I’m studying. Peine has a beautiful downtown area, and if you go there at night on the first snowfall, it’s just fantastic. You have everything you need in Peine, but that’s not what makes this city special – it’s the warm and open people you meet, who take time to have short conversations.

The best place in Peine …

… To study: Library

Peine has a small library, but since it is located exactly between Hanover and Braunschweig, the libraries of the two cities are also easy to reach by train.

Peine… To shop: Schichtwechsel, Modemarkt, Männermode

The city centre offers a lot of shopping opportunities at German stores such as Schichtwechsel, Modemarkt, Männersache and many more.

… To get into the Christmas spirit: A walk through the city centre

In my opinion, the best way to get into the Christmas spirit during the wintertime is a walk through the city centre, where the decorated trees sparkle and lanterns light up the many old houses.

… To go out: Härke Ausschank, Hemmingway and Cafe Zeit

Peine offers some nice pubs and bars where you can eat well and enjoy the evening. I especially like the Härke Ausschank, Hemingway and Cafe Zeit.

Peine… To think: Herzberg

I like to go for a walk in the Herzberg mountains to relax and think. I can find some peace and quiet there, and in bad weather you can spend time at the swimming pool P3 or the Astoria cinema.

My favourite place: Back Lounge by Pano

My favourite place in Peine is the “Back Lounge by Pano” on the market square. They have the best coffee in town! The cafe has a great ambience: the staff are friendly and greet you with a smile, and they have delicious snacks that you can enjoy in peace.


Nils is 28 years old and has been a student in the dual studies programme in social work in Peine since October 2018. He spends a lot of time in nature and loves to hike and camp. He also likes reading thrillers and travelling through Lower Saxony with some friends over the weekend to discover beautiful new places.

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