What does the IUBH Alumni Council actually do?

The idea of bringing together IUBH graduates on an ‘Alumni Council’ came about during the online Alumni Ideas workshop in November 2018, and finally came into practice in July 2019. Since then, ten graduates from Campus Studies, Dual Studies and Distance Learning have been committed to strengthening lines of communication between IUBH and its current and former students.


Colin Samarasinha, Managing Director of Millenium Hospitality International GmbH, explains his decision to take part in the IUBH Alumni Council with a simple statement: “It’s the personal relationships that give life its value”. He is primarily involved in driving networking of the IUBH alumni community by organising meetings in the Frankfurt area. The networking concept is important to everyone on the Alumni Council: according to Nils Franz, a graduate in B.A. Business Administration – Logistics Management and currently an industry consultant at Agiplan GmbH, “at IUBH, you are encouraged to interact on a personal level with your fellow students. This goes on to enable close interdisciplinary exchanges at the professional level, offering fertile ground for new career prospects and business relationships”. However, the focus is not just on professional relationships, but also on networking between graduates and current students. For example, Martin Meux, Sales Director at Holidays.ch AG, is primarily motivated to “give something back, and learn new things by exchanging ideas with current and former students”.

The charter of the IUBH Alumni Council: Get in contact, stay connected and create traditions!

In order to create a common basis for dialogue and networking, the IUBH Alumni Council has developed a set of values ​​for the IUBH Alumni Community. Tolerance; support; fun and conviviality; encouragement and community; belonging: these form the core elements of the charter. “Everyone is welcome to contribute their personal views. It is precisely the sharing of different opinions, personal and cultural backgrounds, specialised disciplines and individual career paths that makes the networking worthwhile”: so states the charter regarding the value of tolerance. Above all, the value of community and belonging gives an insight into the goals of the IUBH Alumni Council: “The survival of an alumni community depends on continuing, long-term contact between its members. Therefore, the following strongly applies to us: Get in contact, stay connected and create traditions! We look forward to regular events, roundtables and team activities among the alumni. Regular contact makes it easy to create opportunities for one another. A little vitamin IUBH certainly never hurts! ”

Open forum: ask the IUBH Alumni Council for expert advice

Tim Noehring, a graduate in B.A. Business Administration – Tax Advice, affirms that IUBH with its rapid growth holds great potential to provide for a fruitful exchange between stakeholders. To exploit this potential, the IUBH Alumni Council and the IUBH Alumni Team are inviting all graduates and students to an open forum of the alumni groups on XING, LinkedIn and Facebook. There, both graduates and students will have the opportunities to put forward the topics and questions that interest them most, and on which they are seeking expert opinions. Put forward the topics and questions that they’d like to hear an expert weigh in on. IUBH will then facilitate specialists from the alumni community in networking with students on their chosen topics and giving online talks.


Do you have any ideas or suggestions for the IUBH Alumni Community? Would you like to help activate the student and alumni network in your region and create alumni get-togethers in your city? Then just send an email to Bianca Sammer, alumni@iubh.de. We appreciate your support!


The IUBH Alumni Council consists of ten representatives of the Campus Studies, Dual Study and Distance Learning study models, who were elected for a two-year term in July 2020. The council is committed to strengthening communication between alumni, students and IUBH, and to helping alumni of all study models and programmes to network. Anyone who has completed a degree at the IUBH is part of the alumni community and can be elected as a member of the Alumni Council. You can find out more about the current members and their ideas on our alumni website.


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