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“I finally have challenges again”

Study yes, but what, where and how? In winter semester 2017, Anne and Jonas started their dual study degree programme at IUBH. They talk about the pathway that led them to studying at our university.



Jonas is 22 years old and has been studying marketing management at IUBH since October 2017. In his free time, he likes to cook and always tries out new and unusual recipes. He likes walking or playing guitar to clear his head.



Anne is 28 years old and has been studying human resources management at IUBH since October 2017. Her hobbies include everything related to the ocean: diving, surfing and marine conservation.

After finishing school

I had already completed a three-year training as an office communication salesperson as well as two years at a vocational high school to complete my high school diploma (Abitur). After those two years of school, I definitely wanted to work again and do something.


After completing my Abitur, I trained as a hotel specialist in Hamburg. After completing the training programme, I worked for another year at the hotel and then in 2012 I went to South Africa, where I spent two exciting and formative years. For most of that time, I ran a guesthouse near Cape Town, and during the last eight months, I worked for a branch office of the German Embassy in Pretoria. At the end of 2014, it was time to come back and I started working in Munich. Unfortunately, it did not live up to my expectations. I had to figure out what I really wanted to do; I had to find something new.


Study yes, but what and where?

Through a friend of mine who is studying at IUBH, I heard about the university and their degree programme in marketing management. The detailed curriculum and weekly alternation between studying and working won me over. Many people I know warned me that dual studies could be quite stressful. However, I did not let this deter me and applied to IUBH Dual Studies.


It didn’t take long for me to realise I wanted to do something in the field of human resources management. I did some research and found out that I would have to work my way up for many years before I could get the job I wanted. Since a degree programme, however, could get me closer to my goal quicker, I googled degree programmes in human resources management in Munich and found IUBH. The combination of practice and theory not only awoke my curiosity, but also struck me as a good model. Of course, I looked at other universities for dual study programmes, but I could not find a human resources degree programme. While browsing the IUBH website, I discovered that there was an info day at the university on the next day.


First meeting with IUBH

Within a short period, I received an invitation for the aptitude test and an interview. At first, I was a bit nervous about the aptitude test, but it turned out to be fine. The interview with my study advisor went extremely well. She was very friendly and during the interview, I felt like she really wanted to get to know me so she could give me the best possible support in finding the right company for me. She also answered all my questions in detail.


At the info day, all the degree programmes were presented and important and interesting information highlighted. I found the event very helpful in terms of getting first impressions of the university and its lecturers, and for learning more about the design of the degree programme. Shortly thereafter, I was invited for a personal consultation at the university. The structure of the degree programme and the application process were explained to me in detail. I appreciated the advice and support. So, I sent my application to IUBH and promptly received a call from the study advisor for personnel management. She registered me for the admissions test, and already a place in the degree programme was reserved.


Now find a practice partner

After the interview with the study advisor, she introduced me to many different companies and sent me job advertisements. In addition, I also did my own search for a partner company. I looked in internet for work-student positions, called the companies and asked them if they could imagine filling the position in the context of a dual study programme. I was very surprised by the enthusiasm so many companies expressed. In combination with steady communication with study advisors, the application process did not take long. However, I did find the company where I am now working myself.


After the admissions test, I sat down with my study advisor and the search for a partner company began. In the process, I realised how difficult it is to win over a company for the concept of dual studies. If any response came back, it was a rejection. This was very frustrating and although I started looking relatively early, I was worried that I would not find a partner company. Then my study advisor sent my application to a personnel consultancy who was interested in working with a dual student. I had two interviews there and took a general knowledge, English and German test. I also decided to do a trial workday there. It was perfect, so I signed the contract.


Finally, first semester begins…

I was a bit nervous before the first lecture, of course, but that did not last long. My lecturers make a very competent and open impression on me. When the material is dry, they try their best to lighten up the lecture with group work and practical examples. We even had a motivational course for our first marketing project that was graded.


The first semester started with a week at the university. On the first day, we were given general information and then shared a toast with sparkling wine. For the rest of the week we only had two lectures. The number of lectures increased starting in mid-December.


…and shortly thereafter the first week of work in the company

My first day at the partner company was also very exciting, but I am already familiar with what it is like to work from my training programme. My colleagues are all open and friendly. I feel well received in the company and already have responsibilities. It is great that it is a small company. This gives me the chance to get involved in all areas and thus better understand all operational processes.


My first days at work were extremely full of input but everyone was very patient, and showed and explained a lot to me. To this day, everyone is open to answering my countless questions. From the very start, the HR manager and I agreed that we wanted to be very flexible about my tasks at the company and able to respond to the topics taught at the university. Meanwhile, I keep getting other smaller projects that challenge me in many different ways. I am glad I have a wide range of responsibilities and no two days are the same.


And your overall conclusion?

Since I have already been able to take the theory from my studies and put it into practice, I am very pleased that I opted for a dual study programme.


I finally have challenges again and this is the strongest motivation behind my degree programme.



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