The first of its kind: Our online orientation studies course

IUBH is the first German university to offer a free orientation studies course with an online format. So, you can not only get a taste of your chosen course after finishing school, but also study alongside your travels or voluntary service.

School exams done – so what now? Many high school graduates are overwhelmed by the multitude of study programmes and models. Almost half of them take a break from studying with a voluntary social year, au pair work, work & travel or a part-time job. Almost one in three of those who start a degree course drops out. To provide you with more orientation in the study jungle after leaving school, from 1 October IUBH is offering Germany’s first online orientation studies course – as a distance learning programme so that the course can be flexibly combined with any job, anywhere in the world. The new offer is completely free of charge for all high school graduates up to the age of 22; you will also receive an iPad as a new student.

Which degree course corresponds to your skills and interests?

“For students, the most important factor when choosing a course is that it matches their skills and interests – particularly because an increasingly dynamic job market is making it ever more difficult to see which jobs will be in demand in ten years,” says Jan Wurdak, project manager in orientation studies and former student advisor at IUBH. “However, almost all students find it difficult to assess which fields of study actually suit their interests.” Because with almost 9000 Bachelor’s degree programmes in Germany that can be studied at unis or technical colleges, both as a full-time course or online, many school leavers cannot see the wood for the trees. The disorientation leads to approximately 50 percent of school leavers taking a so-called ‘gap year’.

Put your gap year to good use

With the online orientation studies course, IUBH is offering you the opportunity to make good use of your gap year and gain concrete experience in your chosen course of study during your time abroad or voluntary service, while at the same time also taking a module from another subject area. You can choose from 19 study programmes in the fields of Health & Social Affairs, IT & Technology, Psychology and Business & Management. If you take exams in a chosen course, you can have up to 30 ECTS credited to a degree course later on and immediately enter a higher semester.

“All in all, this offer is making a significant contribution to putting young people in a better position to make one of the most important decisions in life,” asserts Prof. Dr. Peter Thuy, Rector of IUBH. “By allowing undecided school leavers to use the time between school and university for orientation, it is easier for them to find their desired course of study – and we can reduce frustrating experiences and drop-out rates.”

You can find out more about IUBH’s orientation studies course here.

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