1. Marketing-Forum der IUBH

The First IUBH Marketing Forum

Media, Brands & Concepts: the first IUBH Marketing Forum will take place in Berlin at the end of November, featuring experts from a wide range of industries.


From AI to ‘emotional marketing’ to ever-shifting social media trends, marketing is in just as constant a state of flux as is the wider digital world. But which recent areas of success, and future lines of development, can we most clearly identify? To find out, IUBH has co-founded the Marketing Forum, due to take place at the Berlin campus. In the run-up to the launch on November 28th, organisers Gaby Kabbert and Jan Fischoeder go in-depth on what it’s all about.


The inaugural Marketing Forum will take place next week – what inspired IUBH to get behind the idea?

Jan: I think the event makes sense in two ways: firstly, marketing is inextricably tied up with the whole area of sustainability, and therefore is always of social relevance; and secondly, marketing is a topic that affects all the study programmes offered by IUBH in one way or another.

Gaby: What’s more, the format allows our students the opportunity to discuss a variety of relevant topics and to exchange ideas with genuine experts from the field – that is, professionals who think about and engage in marketing on a daily basis.


What underlies the concept of “Marketing Forum” itself?

Jan: The full title of the event is, “Latest Trends in Marketing: How They Impact Corporate Strategies and Customers”. As such, its scope encompasses the prospects of the major players as well as those of small and medium-sized companies. The focus is on corporate strategies, oriented according to customer preferences.

Gaby: And to ensure that proceedings do not become overly theoretical, we’ve even incorporated a “talk show” format so the audience can interact directly with our guest speakers.


A “talk show” and the opportunity for a live exchange – sounds exciting! Whom can we expect to see on stage?

Gaby: We’ve invited eight guests, each representing a different industry. We will have Marc Haberland from RTL Radiocenter Berlin, Jana Plischke from Enterprise Car Rental, and Philipp Gohlke from Websitebutler. Jörg Simon from STRATO AG, Klaus Wick from BAES Germany, Fabian Hase from Fastlane Marketing GmbH, and Kim Schäfer from Tropical Islands will also be present. Representing the hospitality sector, Benjamin Eder from Accor Hotels Germany GmbH will complete the agenda.


Sounds a variety of opinions from a range of perspectives! Are there any topics you’re particularly excited about?

Jan: I’m especially looking forward to Jörg Simon’s thoughts on “Repetition and Reputation vs. Creativity, Resourcefulness and Surprise”. Amongst other things, his talk will focus on the STRATO initiatives “faireinfacht” and “Überflieger”.

Gaby: Personally, I’m looking forward to hearing from Kim Schäfer (amongst others) on the topic of influencer marketing, based on his experiences with Tropical Island. And thanks to my passion for travel, I’m also fascinated to learn more about social media marketing in the hotel industry.


Many of our students are not based in Berlin. How will they be able to stay up-to-date with the Forum topics?

Gaby: It’s important to us to make the event available to everyone in IUBH; therefore, we will broadcast it live for the Duales Studium and Campus Studies students to the various locations in Germany and Austria. Meanwhile, all Distance Learning students can register via their study advisors and tune in from home. As a general rule, any students who want to be included should first make contact with their study advisor.


Thank you for the interview. We’re looking forward to the Marketing Forum and wish you great success and enjoyment!



Gaby Kabbert is Study Advisor for Marketing Management at IUBH. Her part in helping inaugurate the IUBH Marketing Forum came from her interest in both marketing and event planning. Privately, she’s passionate about the topic of Emotional Marketing and commercials that are so cheesy, they go right to the heart. Jan Fischoeder, as Head of Career Service, is responsible for supporting IUBH students from their first days at the university to the first steps in their career. He will be involved in the Marketing Forum as a moderator. He identifies the intersection of sustainability, responsibility and marketing as his main area of interest.

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