Distance Learning Abroad: ¡Viva Barcelona!

Went abroad for an internship, fell in love and stayed: Jessica now lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. Concurrently, she is pursuing a master’s degree at IUBH.


My name is Jessica; I am 27 years old and come from Steinmauern originally, a quiet village in Baden-Württemberg. I have been living and working in Barcelona for four years, a place I decided to stay after doing an internship here because I fell in love. I am currently doing a master’s degree in marketing management at IUBH Distance Learning while also working at the automobile manufacturer SEAT.

I decided to study at IUBH for a number of reasons. First, I wanted to study at a German university because on top of working, it seemed it would be easier to do a degree programme in my native language. Secondly, it was very important to me that it be a “pure” distance-learning programme where I was not required to go to Germany for exams or certain courses. Also thanks to its great reviews, my decision quickly narrowed down to IUBH. It means that I do not need to choose between studying and working and I am convinced that after graduation, I will have better chances on the job market because I will have a higher academic qualification and more work experience.

Studying on the company bus

In general, I integrate studying as best as I can into my day-to-day life. Since I travel to work every day for about two hours on the company bus, I try to use this time wisely, e.g. to read, watch vodcasts, listen to podcasts, etc. This works really well with the IUBH learning materials! Then I try – depending on the day of the week – to motivate myself to do a couple of hours of studying in the evening. Most of all, however, I study on the weekend. This is a challenge, of course, but with a clear goal in mind, it can be done. Vitally important: You need to be able to take time off to relax and unwind. 🙂

BarcelonaThat is easy to do in Barcelona. What I especially like here is the good weather and proximity to the coast. It is such a beautiful city. There is always something going on and delicious food like tapas, seafood and Cava. In the summer, my friend and I often spend the entire weekend at the beach. On the other hand, in the winter, it can get uncomfortable at times and due to lack of proper insulation, you have to dress warmly inside the flat.

Germany is still an option

Although I really like it in Spain and Germany is only about a two-hour flight away, of course I miss my family, my friends and my dog Sammy. I manage to be there for Christmas and other family celebrations but miss the day-to-day moments like grilling together in the garden, going for a walk with the dog or enjoying a leisurely breakfast. For that reason, returning to Germany at some point in time remains an option. I cannot yet say exactly what my future holds, but we are quite flexible because my partner also speaks German and does a lot of business in Germany.

Jessica is 27 years old and pursuing her master’s in marketing management (M.A.) at IUBH Distance Learning. In her free time when she is not traveling, she enjoys jogging, reading, hiking with friends and time on the beach.

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