Both sides benefit

Kira, an IUBH Distance Learning graduate of the marketing management master’s programme, employs Kevin, an IUBH dual studies student in the bachelor’s marketing management programme, in her department at Sanitätshaus Tingelhoff. Both benefit from the cooperation.


Kira, why did you do your master’s in marketing management at IUBH Distance Learning?

Kira Tingelhoff: After completing my bachelor at TU Dortmund University, at first I did not want to continue studying. My priority was to start working. However, three years later I got restless and thought, “Okay Kira, there has to be more to it than this”. Giving up my job for a postgraduate degree was out of the question, so I started to look for universities that offer online programmes. In the end, I chose IUBH because it offered the most flexibility. The content of the courses was also worthwhile, enabling me to deepen my expertise and refresh my understanding of general management.

What are you doing currently?

Tingelhoff: Since August 2016, I have been working as department head of Online-Shop & Online Marketing at Sanitätshaus Tingelhoff, a medical and health care supply company. For the online shop, I select products, create content, optimize internal processes and take over monitoring and analysis.  In addition, I am responsible for planning and implementing online campaigns. I do all of this in close consultation with other internal departments, agencies and manufacturers. There is a lot to do, but it is also a lot of fun!

Kevin, does it make a difference to you that you are working for someone who studied at IUBH?

Kevin Klitzka: The day-to-day work is the same of course. However, with Ms Tingelhoff I can share experiences and seek advice on some coursework topics. This is extremely helpful.

How did it come about that Sanitätshaus Tingelhoff hired a dual studies student?

Tingelhoff: That was actually quite funny. A university contacted us about our job advertisement for a position in the e-commerce area. At first, I did not ask which university was calling. The man on the phone explained to me that the university was looking for company partners for marketing management dual studies students, and that this was a good match with our job vacancy. A lot of it sounded like IUBH. So I asked and when he answered my question, I had to laugh. Finally, I explained to him that I myself had been an IUBH student in a distance learning programme. After clarifying details, the decision was easy: we wanted to fill our vacant position with a dual studies student.

Kevin, why did you opt for a dual studies programme in marketing?

Klitzka: Primarily due to its high level of practical relevance. While studying I get a lot of helpful work experience and thereby learn what to expect from professional life. The chances of getting a permanent position at the company after graduating and the partner company’s financial support were additional incentives for choosing the dual studies model. I had already completed vocational training as a digital media designer and had worked as a web designer. I wanted to expand upon this basis. Marketing fascinates me: the question of how to make brands and products successful and the wide spectrum of tasks involved in the profession. Creativity is important and is newly challenged, time and time again.

Kira, what are the advantages of a dual studies student?

Tingelhoff: The advantage for the student is that he not only learns pure theory but also gets insights about the practical work side. This is something I truly missed when I did my bachelor’s.  For us as a company, we benefit from getting a tailor-trained qualified employee. The fact that students can focus their thesis on a topic that is also relevant to us in the company means that both sides benefit.

Kevin, what is your job?

Klitzka: I maintain all social media channels such as Facebook, Google+ and YouTube. For the company’s blog, I create articles on various topics. I help at our events and participate in various meetings. I also write texts for products and update new products in our online shop. On a regular basis, I am given my own marketing project for which I am then responsible. Currently, this is developing a re-targeting campaign on Facebook.

That sounds like you have many opportunities. What does your future at Sanitätshaus Tingelhoff look like?

Klitzka: First, I want to finish my studies to the best of my ability and give a top performance. I want to professional advance myself here at Sanitätshaus Tingelhoff, and I want to continue to use my skills here and take on responsibility. What comes next, I do not yet know. In two years, I will definitely know more.


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