Between Werder and Weser

We want to know what our students like most about the place where they study. Today Vivienne tells us about winter semester in Bremen.

For me Bremen is the perfect city to spend a few great years as a student. Known for its football club Werder Bremen and the Bremen Town Musicians from the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, this hanseatic city has a unique flair that combines a sense of cosiness with the atmosphere of a metropolis. Many cultural attractions, and inviting pubs and cafes make it easy to find a variety of favourite places to relax, study and meet up with friends.

My favourite place in Bremen…

…to study: Coffee Corner

Coffee Corner is an absolute highlight of the “1/4” district in Bremen, a district with many cafes and pubs. In the winter season, they have Christmas delicacies and hot coffee specialities. The décor is vintage style and it is a great place to study or simply chat with friends. As result of my regular visits to Coffee Corner, I have already met many new friends.

…to go out and eat out: Die Schlachte

The Schlachte is our favourite area when we want to go out and eat out. For students this place is more than perfect. This promenade, with a view of the River Weser and many restaurants and pubs, is an absolute highlight day or night.

…to relax and contemplate: Werdersee Lake

You can take long walks in the snow along the Werdersee Lake and simply relax and think. I like to jog a little along the water in the early morning hours and enjoy the peace and quiet before the city wakes up.

…to shop: Weserpark

Weserpark is the best place to go for finding Christmas presents and for shopping. It has a large selection of clothing stores and other great stores where you can spend a lot of time and money. 😀

…to get in the Christmas spirit: Schlachtezauber

The Schlachtezauber on the Weser Promenade is a wonderful place to get into the spirit of Christmas! From mulled wine and apple cider to hot chocolate with Baileys – there is everything there. Afterwards, you can enjoy Bremen’s nightlife in the pubs.

My favourite place: Yellow Bird Coffee

My favourite place to be is at Yellow Bird Coffee in the Neustadt. Their loving attention to detail and unbelievably delicious specialty coffees invite you to just feel comfortable. Seasonal products, heavenly pastries and freshly make smoothies make studying much easier. I can strongly recommend the homemade lemon-vanilla lemonade!

Vivienne is 21 years old, a native of Lüneburger Heide, and has been studying tourism business at IUBH since October 2016. In her free time, she does things with friends, works out at a fitness studio, tries out new recipes or rides around her hometown area with her American Collie “Baily” to go for walks in the heath.

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