The best idea comes from Bad Honnef – Review of EMCup 2019

Our students represented IUBH University of Applied Sciences at the EMCup again this year. A follow-up report of the team.


EMCupFrom the 17th to the 29th of February the 11th edition of the European Mise en Place Cup (short: EMCup) took place in Maastricht. This year The A+ Team by the students Janina Duch, Jose Tena, Heinrich von Dewitz, Hubertus Kempen and their coaches the Hospitality Management Professors Prof. Delgado Krebs and Prof. Wilson-Wünsch represented IUBH at the Championships of the best European Hotelschools.

Already in October 2018, the team started into the prelimary round and had to spread “rumour around the brand” on Facebook and Instagram by reporting about their life at IUBH, taking a special team picture, filming an introduction video and writing a research paper fitting to the topic of the competition. Their video reached to be part of the top 9.

Arrived in Maastricht, the team had the special chance to get in contact with experts from our industry, get to know students from all over Europe and even to make new friends.

The competition itself includes three rounds: First the teams needed to pitch their papers and create a concept to optimize a process (in case of the IUBH team: lifelong learning). Here the 18 best teams, based on the pitches, the paper and social media got selected. These needed to debate against each other so that nine teams made it to the final where they needed to pitch again. Here the Irish students from Shannon’s College of Hospitality Management won the competition.

After two exhausting competition days, the organisers invited the business jury and the teams to the eventlocation “Rebelle” for a Gala Dinner and the Award Show. Here, IUBH student Hubertus Kempen won together with three students from the Netherlands, Denmark and Spain the “Best Idea Award” for the biggest innovation in hospitality management education until 2025.


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