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On this blog we present topics around the IUBH. With current articles, studies and interviews on research, teaching and student life we want to give you a deeper insight into our university. We introduce the people who shape our university with their daily activities. In their normal everyday life - as a student, professor, student advisor, alumnus or practice partner.


The IUBH University of Applied Sciences

The IUBH University of Applied Sciences was founded in 1998 and combines practical relevance, international orientation and maximum flexibility under a single roof. We prepare our students for the global job market in three different areas of higher education: Our classic IUBH campus studies comprise English-language Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes with a clear industry focus. The IUBH distance learning offers an extremely flexible online model, with which our students can reach their degree anywhere and anytime - including a virtual campus and online exams on demand. In the dual studies at IUBH, we combine theory and practice at bachelor and master level. All students benefit from our network of over 2,000 renowned partner companies who have already successfully cooperated with us.