Duales Studium

5 reasons for dual studies

Study or earn money? Both! We give you 5 good reasons for dual studies at IUBH.

Dual studies are becoming an increasingly popular option in Germany. According to the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training, more than 100,000 people are currently enrolled in dual study programmes. For good reason!

Below we give you 5 reasons that speak for dual studies at IUBH.

1. You gain valuable practical work experience.

One of the biggest advantages of the dual studies programme is its practical relevance. At our university, you switch regularly between studying on campus and working in a company. In contrast to long theoretical and practical phases, you can effectively combine academic content with your job and directly apply what you have just learned. As you will discover, learning has a completely different quality when you know why you are tackling complex subject matter. This increases your motivation and your academic success.

2. You save on the fees for a prestigious private education.

Studying at a private university means getting top support and enjoying many other advantages. And you do not even have to pay anything extra: The fees for your private education at IUBH Dual Studies are usually paid for by your employer. Depending on the company, you may even earn additional money for your work and may be able to afford your own room in a shared flat at an IUBH campus of your choice.

3. You get assistance in selecting the right practice partner.

Unlike many other dual study providers, we offer you comprehensive support in your search for the ideal practice partner. Through face-to-face discussions and coaching, together we ensure that the company is a perfect fit for you and your goals. We have a large network of around 3,000 practice partners, some of whom have been successfully cooperating with IUBH for many years.

4. You build up a professional network while studying.

“I know someone who knows someone …” – Good, stable networks are important and help you to advance professionally. During your dual studies, you will have many opportunities to expand your own network and exchange ideas with people from different professional fields and areas of work.

5. You have great job prospects.

A dual studies degree is a guarantee for smooth job entry and good career options – this is the finding of a recent study by the Institute for Work and Qualification (IAQ) at the University of Duisburg-Essen. More than 99% of the graduates surveyed had a permanent job one and a half years after graduating. The majority of them were hired by the company where they did their practical training during their studies. When this is the case, your industry- and company-specific expertise will enable you to work your way up faster and earn more. If it does not work out with the company that trained you, your practical work experience will also give you a competitive advantage at other companies.


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