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What exactly does an alumni manager do?

Sometimes you see professional titles at universities but can hardly imagine what that person might actually do. That is why we asked our alumni manager Bianca Sammer to describe exactly what her job involves.


What is your job title?

I have been Alumni Manager for IUBH University of Applied Sciences since April 2018.

What exactly is the role of an alumni manager at the university?

As Alumni Manager I am responsible for developing the alumni community for all IUBH degree programmes. In addition to sharing information on social media networks and receiving discounts on special continuing education programmes, IUBH graduates can also take part in various social events, such as the Alumni Reunion Weekend in Bad Honnef and the ITB Alumni Event in Berlin. Since July 2018, they can also meet at informal IUBH alumni get-togethers in various cities. My job is to publicise these events and inspire our graduates to participate. Since the idea of networking is central to my work, we also feature personal stories of successful alumni on the website and have launched the Ambassador Programme where graduates answer questions from prospective students and current students and thus pass on their experiences to the next generation. A quarterly newsletter informs alumni about current opportunities and the latest IUBH news.
In order to keep everything running smoothly, I also maintain contact with professors, campus managers and staff at the career offices in Bad Honnef and Berlin. And of course there are always new projects. For example, last November in the Online Alumni Ideas Workshop the idea was born to establish an Alumni Council to strengthen communication between graduates and IUBH.  We are planning to launch it this year.

How do you become an alumni manager?

There is certainly no uniform way to become an alumni manager. In my opinion a good sense for networking is very important, and of course experience. After studying cultural economics, I first worked for an international trade journal specialized in the conference and event industry and then headed the office of a student and alumni association in Passau for several years. Before coming to IUBH, I was responsible for managing various educational projects at the university and school levels, including a competition in cooperation with several public universities for students to start their own businesses.

What do you particularly enjoy about your work?

Seeing what our alumnae and alumni achieve, and giving different people the opportunity to share their experiences, inspires me every time.

What is an ongoing challenge in your work?

Actually, it is not easy to reach all IUBH alumni with our activities. Therefore, all graduates who do not receive our newsletter are encouraged to register for it via


If you would like to inform yourself about the alumni community at IUBH, you can do so on the university website since early 2019.


Bianca Sammer is 40 years old and since April 2018 Alumni Manager for IUBH. In her spare time, she likes to travel or is active hiking, cycling, cross-country skiing or downhill skiing.

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