Study Coach

What exactly does a study coach do?

At universities too, there are some job titles which we have little idea about. So we asked Meike Berghaus from Study Coaching what exactly her job is.


What is your exact job title?

I am the Study Coach Team Leader at IUBH Distance Learning. My team currently has 15 members of staff and consists of study coaches in Bad Reichenhall and Berlin, as well as a systemic coach based in Essen.

What exactly is the role of a study coach at the university?

A study coach could be described as a professional buddy: he or she is your contact person, tutor and knowledge broker. The main topics are organisation and study planning, motivating students and joint reflection, for example on learning strategies. Our goal is for students to quickly adapt to distance learning and to be able to cope with the requirements. Of course, I also look after the team and its tasks.

How do you become the Study Coach Team Leader?

Right place, right time?! In fact, I completed a degree in media studies and history, after having first tried out maths, physics and psychology. A study coach would definitely have been helpful for me at that time. In 2007, I went to Israel where I lived and worked for five years. In 2013, back in Berlin, I first worked in customer services and complaint management at an eyewear manufacturer, where I soon became team leader for the European sales force. After some time out, in 2017, I worked for an education startup in strategy and organisation. Since July 2018, I’ve been with IUBH and am very happy to be here.

What do you particularly enjoy about your work?

I think it’s fantastic to be a part of the growth of a great university. I really enjoy working with my colleagues and members of staff. It’s diverse, it’s fun and you can make a difference. It’s hands on!

What is an ongoing challenge in your work?

Further consolidating our study coaching, remaining open and flexible and consistently adapting it. Despite the substantial increase in new students, we want to ensure that all students can be mentored as individually as possible.


Meike Berghaus is 34 and has worked as the Study Coach Team Leader in Berlin since July 2018. In her spare time, she likes to travel and goes camping with her self-built van. She also simply enjoys being outside windsurfing and cycling.

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