What exactly does a Prorector do?

Sometimes you see professional titles at universities but can hardly imagine what that person might actually do. That is why we asked Prof Dr Kurt Jeschke to describe his job as Prorector.


What is your job title?

In addition to my full professorship at IUBH, I have been working as Prorector IUBH Corporate since winter semester 2014/15.

What exactly are your responsibilities at the university?

The Prorector Corporate is the university’s representative vis-à-vis companies that have developed or intend to develop a continuing education programme with the university. In other words, he and his team are responsible for initiating and coordinating educational collaborations with companies and organizations. This work is carried out in close coordination with the Rectorate of IUBH. If companies or organisations decide to provide their employees and/or managers with further academic training, then we are there to help them. Under my supervision, the IUBH Corporate team develops company–specific educational programmes, which are usually completed while working.

How do you become a Prorector?

A prerequisite for this is a full professorship at IUBH and a comprehensive knowledge of our educational programmes in all IUBH educational sectors, be it distance learning, dual studies, part-time studies or campus studies. Solid acquaintance with the IUBH’s corporate network and the expectations of personnel managers regarding academic training and further education is also very important. The Rector of the IUBH nominates Prorectors. The IUBH Senate must then endorse this, and finally the Prorector must accept the appointment.

What do you like most about your work?

I particularly enjoy the connection between academic teaching, innovative educational programmes and methods, as well as advising partners in all matters concerning further education and training. Since I have worked as a management consultant for international corporations for many years and am also very well acquainted with IUBH, the job description of Prorector Corporate is ideal for me personally, and I can pass on much of my experience to my team.

What is repeatedly a challenge for you?

As Prorector Corporate, you have to take the principle of lifelong learning very seriously. It applies to you, your team and the educational partners. As long as you follow this principle and remain flexible and eager to learn, everyone will benefit. This is not always easy, but it is nevertheless a lot of fun!

Prof Dr Kurt Jeschke is 59 years old and has been Prorector at IUBH since 2014. In his spare time he enjoys sports, travelling and playing the piano.

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