What does the Student Secretariat actually do?

Sometimes you see professional titles at universities but can hardly imagine what that person might actually do. That is why we asked Linda Pieszek from the Student Secretariat to describe exactly what her job involves.


What is your job title?

I am team leader of the Student Secretariat at IUBH Distance Learning.

What exactly is the function of the Student Secretariat at the university?

The Student Secretariat is the first point of contact for all administrative matters relating to students. From Monday to Saturday, we are usually the first point of contact via telephone and e-mail for all questions about studying. We process around 300 enquiries daily. These range from registration for courses to changing the time model. Our goal is to make the administrative aspects of studying as easy as possible so that our students can concentrate on what is important: learning.

How do you become the team leader of the Student Secretariat?

Personally, I come for the tourism sector with a master’s degree in economics and have worked with a team for many years to make sure guests have all that they need and that their complaints get resolved. The service mentality is also very important in the Student Secretariat: our goal is to find a satisfactory solution to every request.

What do you like most about your work?

That it never gets boring. We continuously seek to improve the services we offer our students and to simplify administrative processes, and this involves making changes. Furthermore, I previously worked in a different business sector so I learn new things every day.

What is a challenge for you?

Unfortunately, we cannot please all students and occasionally have to deliver rejections or bad news.


Linda Pieszek is 32 years old and has been the team leader of the Student Secretariat since June 2018. Her favourite hobby is exploring foreign countries.

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