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What does a … Head of Operations for Part-time Studies actually do?

Universities also have job titles that don’t really tell you much about what the person with the job does. That’s why we asked Esther Jonberg what her position as Head of Operations Part-time Studies is all about.


What is your job title?

I am Head of Operations for Part-Time Studies at IUBH.

What exactly is your job at the university?

As Head of Operations, I’m responsible for the introduction and optimisation of all educational processes, so our students can fully concentrate on their studies while the administrative processes run smoothly in the background. The idea of service always comes first!
I also support teaching design with ideas from the administrative side and prepare the so-called academic year programme for each of our locations, so our students always know two years in advance when and where they have to attend which event or module during their studies.

What is special about Part-Time Studies at IUBH?

The Part-time Studies programme at IUBH is the most flexible and individualised educational format currently available at a university in Germany. The combination of face-to-face events and online study provides the perfect fit for our students as digitisation progresses.

How does someone become Head of Operations for Part-time Studies?

I started as a project manager, and in that role I helped shape the introduction of the Part-time Studies format at IUBH. With increasing numbers of students, significantly more locations and a lot of new Bachelor’s programmes, the responsibilities associated with the project grew and expanded. So I accepted the position as Head of Operations.

What do you like most about your work?

I especially like that with my work I can contribute every day to our students having a great educational experience at IUBH. Nothing stays the same forever, and I enjoy the privilege of being actively involved in extra-occupational education and being able to lead the optimisations.

What is always a challenge for you?

Bringing together all the project participants and departments :). Change is always a big challenge in a company.


Esther Jonberg has been Head of Operations for Part-time Studies at IUBH since June 2018. In her free time, she devotes herself to travel and cooking as well as literature and sport.

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