Student‘s Team

“We want to support students’ togetherness”

Kristina, Maria and Nuria are dual students at the IUBH. In addition to their studies, they are also in charge of the Student‘s Team in Munich.


What exactly is the Student‘s Team and what do you do there?

Student‘s Team

Winner team of the soccer tournament

Winner team of the soccer tournament

Nuria: The Student‘s Team is made up of students from the IUBH campus in Munich. We organise regular meetings like our studies meet-up, but also special events like a football tournament or a party at the beginning of the semester. Our goal is to promote student togetherness and offer them the possibility to get to know each other better, independent of their major and graduating class.

Maria: We are also trying to be an intersection between the university of applied sciences and students and simplify communication. For example, at the moment, together with responsible parties at the university of applied sciences, we are looking for a solution for a type of online bulletin board, in order to support students when they are looking for an apartment, tutoring, etc.

How many people are in your group and how long has it existed?

Kristina: At the moment, around 12 to 15 people are regularly involved. Of course, a lot more participate in the events, like a football tournament. Maria and I had the idea for the project in November 2017; the first public meeting then took place in December.

Maria: I think Kristina and I talked about it for the first time during a phone call. I had already had the thought that something like elected student government was lacking at the IUBH University of Applied Sciences in Munich.

How did the team get together? Do you all study in the same degree programme?

Kristina: Maria and I study tourism business and are both in the sixth semester; because of that, we have known each other since the beginning of our studies. We have known Nuria since there has been a Student‘s Team and these days, we also like to meet up outside of the team.

Maria: At the start of the project, we presented the idea in an e-mail and invited anyone interested to an initial meeting. A wide variety of students from different degree programmes and graduation classes showed up.

What are the challenges?

Nuria: The Student‘s Team was just founded last semester and still has to establish itself.

Maria: For example, that means that we first have to find out what types of offers are really popular and which ones aren’t. There, you also have to trust yourself to cancel a planned event sometimes.

Have you ever had to cancel anything?

Maria: At the very beginning, we wanted to offer a collective ski trip which we had to cancel due to the low number of registrations. On our part, we simply didn’t plan it far enough in advance. Next winter semester, we will start earlier and then hopefully, more people will have the time to come along. That’s how you learn from your mistakes.

Student‘s Team

Strategy meeting at Villa Flora

Strategy meeting at Villa Flora

Does the knowledge from your studies and your practical experiences help sometimes?

Kristina: I work for a tour operator, so I’m used to presenting ideas and contents. Maria works for an event agency and therefore has additional knowledge about the organisation and implementation of events. Nuria comes from the hotel sector and also has a lot of multi-faceted knowledge. Together, we are a well-functioning team. That is also necessary, because we independently manage the administration as well as marketing and finances. In turn, the business focus in our studies clearly helps.

What has the feedback from your fellow students been?

Kristina: Basically, our fellow students are excited that there is something on offer to students; the events are really well-embraced, and the number of active members is also growing. It is really important to us that the fun in the participation is in the foreground – that’s also the way we feel! Participation is, of course, on a volunteer basis. Accordingly, the feedback is almost completely positive.

Maria: In any case, we are excited about input, comments, wishes, and criticism from fellow students. That’s how, at the end, we can hopefully ensure that the Student‘s Team has something to offer for everyone.

Student‘s Team

Party at the beginning of the semester

Party at the beginning of the semester

What has been the highlight of your work so far?

Maria: Off the cuff, I would say the party at the beginning of the semester in April. Up to now, that has been our largest event. But if I think about it a little more, then the absolute highlight is for me to know that the Student‘s Team will also continue on after Christina and I have our bachelor’s degrees. To know that we created a project that is so attractive that it exists even without the original initiators is fantastic. Of course, thanks also need to be said to all of those who are a part of a team and also those who support the whole thing – without you, there wouldn’t be the Student‘s Team!

What’s coming up next?

Kristina: We are already looking forward to the enrolement celebration in October, which we are allowed to help organize! And there will also be one more meet-up before the exams.

Are you still looking for support?

Maria: Always!

Kristina: Gladly! Anyone who wants to participate can talk to us at any time.

And what do you hope for the future?

Nuria: We hope that there will continue to be so much support from the Munich location and the students. Likewise, we are also always excited to see the team continue to grow. Teams at other locations would also be desirable, so that a larger network is created. In any case, we are excited to see what happens!


Those interested in supporting the Student‘s Team in Munich or would like to have information about becoming active at their location themselves, can contact at any time.


Kristina is 23 years old and has been studying tourism business since 2015 at the IUBH University of Applied Sciences. In her free time, she tangles herself up with yoga and explores Munich, the Bavarian mountain world or foreign countries. Always at her side: all varieties of rubber ducks. Maria is 22 years old and has been studying tourism business at the IUBH University of Applied Sciences since 2015. Her hobbies include traveling and discovering the world, youth work, and also organizing private events and enjoying life. Nuria is 20 years old and has been studying tourism business at the IUBH University of Applied Sciences since 2016. In her free time, she swims in Bavarian lakes, reads all the books she can get her hands on, and thinks up new campaigns for the Student‘s Team.

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