Virtual Charly’s, Real Community: Thirsty Thursdays Online

The shift online for IUBH Campus Studies students has been a necessary but not always easy measure. With the help of their lecturer, Dieter Jäger (Dipl.-Oec.), two Bachelor’s undertook to make the transition smoother for their fellow students by bringing the ‘Thirsty Thursday’ event online too – showing that it doesn’t have to be “all work, no play” in the virtual space.


Johanna Stoob, from Germany, and Javid Alikishibayov, from Azerbaijan, are students of the B.A. programme in International Event Management. Alongside their studies, they work as bartenders at Charly’s Bar and Lounge on-campus at Bad Honnef. With Charly’s temporarily closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and lectures moved into the virtual classroom for the foreseeable future, Johanna’s and Javid’s class took the opportunity to put their event-planning skills to the test.


The “Spirit” of Adaptability

The ‘Thirsty Thursday’ cocktail event at Charly’s had always been popular with the campus community – so why not adapt it to fit the current circumstances? If Zoom could be used to teach a range of academic disciplines, it could be used to teach cocktail-making! Johanna and Javid publicised the digital event via the Charly’s Instagram account and students voted on which cocktails they would like to make. The final list was a “cocktail” of established classics and modern twists, including the Moscow Mule, the Long Island Iced Tea, the Cuba Libre, and the Snickers Milkshake.


Community and a Sense of Normality

The event proved popular as expected, with about 35 students logging on. Lists of ingredients and equipment had been published on the Instagram account beforehand, so Johanna and Javid were able to lead the event from inside the bar while the participants followed their expert instructions step by step, crafting the perfect cocktail from the comfort of their own homes. The Moscow Mule and Cuba Libre emerged as the favourites on the night. All in all, digital Thirst Thursday turned out to be such a success that future iterations are in the works. As Johanna says, ‘This event was meant to bring back the spirit of IUBH, making people feel part of a community and offering them a sense of normality again’. So from everyone at IUBH – Prost!


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