Trendy district, lots of nature and multicultural

We want to know what our students like best about the places where they study. Today, Marie tells us about her summer in Mannheim:



Mannheim is the perfect city to be a student. It is not only my home, but now also the place where I study. What I particularly like about Mannheim is the multicultural community and the diversity.

My favourite place in Mannheim…

…to study: Water Tower

Especially during the summer, it is often difficult for me to get motivated to study. For this reason, I like to go to a nice place with a cold drink to be productive. The Water Tower is a good option. Despite being located directly in the centre of the city, the park radiates a quiet atmosphere due to its green spaces and water pools. You can sit comfortably on a bench and despite having to study, enjoy the summer day more or less.

…to shop: Planken

I like to go shopping on Mannheim’s main shopping street “Planken”. It is located in the centre of the city and leads directly to the Water Tower, the most popular landmark of Mannheim. There are an amazing number of shopping possibilities, such as Peek & Cloppenburg or Engelhorn, many small side streets with other shops, and of course cafés for taking a break.  The “Fressgasse” street runs parallel to the Planken and has an astonishing mixture of individual boutiques and small shops. The new Q6Q7 shopping centre also just opened on this street, which is another great place to go shopping.

…to go out: Jungbusch

The Jungbusch district is Mannheim’s trendy district. In about 25 different pubs you can drink and celebrate to your heart’s content – it is the place to be on the weekend. For a quiet summer evening, I can highly recommend the “Speicher7-Bar”. It has a beautiful terrace right on the water – great atmosphere.

Mannheim…to eat good food: Dachgarten

For good food, I definitely recommend the Dachgarten. It has a modern cuisine and changing lunch menu that can appeal to everyone. Located in the centre of the city, the great bar and the cosy rooftop terrace overlooking the roofs of Mannheim is a great place to relax, especially in the summer – great ambience!

…to contemplate: Reißinsel

A quiet place in the middle of Mannheim. The Reißinsel with the adjacent Waldpark forest is a nature reserve that is perfect for reflecting. There is hardly a more idyllic spot in Mannheim. The Reißinsel has scenic variety, with both small nature trails and lively Rhine promenades – optimal conditions for taking a break and a walk.

…to enjoy the sun: Stollenwörthweiher

On hot summer days, I think the best place to be is at a bathing lake. The Stollenwörthweiher is perfect for this. Relax on the sunbathing lawn, swim in the cool lake water or play volleyball on the volleyball court – the optimal place to relax and enjoy summer moments with friends.

…to relax: Herzogenried Park

To relax I like to go to the Herzogenried Park with friends. This large 22-hector park with shady tree avenues is a great place to relax, especially in the summer. You can have a great picnic, barbecue and soak up the sun. Perfect for a nice summer day.

…to burn off energy: Luisen Park

To burn off energy I can especially recommend the lower part of the Luisen Park. It is always open to the public and perfect for jogging and other outdoor activities. From April until September a “Sport in Park” programme is also offered, free of charge and without obligation. Everyone can participate here is a wide range of sports such as BodyFit, Yoga, Zumba etc. For those who jog, I can highly recommend the running trails along the Neckar or in the Käfertal forest.

My favourite place:

My absolutely favourite place is the Water Tower and its surroundings. With its combination of tower, garden and water, it is one of the most beautiful areas in Mannheim for me. Especially when it is dark, the illuminated water features create a special atmosphere. You can sit in one of the cafés and restaurants surrounding the area and enjoy a great view of the tower and park.



Marie is 19 years old and comes from Mannheim. She has just started her bachelor’s degree programme in tourism management. In her free time she spends a lot of time with her friends, plays handball and likes to travel.

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