Tourism and Hospitality Industry in a “War for Talent”

In the brochure “Career opportunities in the hospitality industry”, our graduates and professors provide information on current trends, entry opportunities and career paths and give tips for career planning in the hospitality industry. One of them is Prof. Dr. Helmut Wachowiak (Tourism & Hospitality).


A war for talent? As pithy as this phrase may sound, it describes a dilemma companies in the tourism and hospitality industry have been facing for years. The rapid growth of holiday and business travel, both internationally and in Germany, has gone hand in hand with the constant adjustment of transport and accommodation offerings. This has given rise to new leisure attractions, cruise ships and cruise terminals, cultural institutions, congress and conference venues and much more. Travel is and will increasingly be an expression of lifestyle. New target groups are enriching the tourism market, especially in Asia. However, every second trip is still to a European destination. Germany occupies a leading position here next to Spain. Travelling is well-loved in Germany – 78% of all Germans over the age of 14 take at least one extended holiday trip each year, making Germany the world champion of travel per capita.

This is supported by huge logistics. To cover all phases of the “customer journey”, thousands of companies with approx. 2.8 million employees offer numerous services in Germany alone, in order to provide customers tailor-made offers from travel inspiration to booking options, transfers to their destination, the stay itself, and the time afterwards. This requires complex marketing and management knowledge as well as IT-understanding, foreign language competence and intercultural knowledge. Most of the work is done in teams and projects, where each employee contributes their individual strengths, often based on an academic degree in tourism or hospitality studies. Up-and-coming talent can apply their acquired skills and expand them in a sector-specific way in companies. Numerous studies by human resource managers in the industry show that employees choose companies based on more than just salary. Many people who are starting their careers, as well as the “old hands” in the industry, appreciate the teamwork typical of the industry, widely varied activities, work-life balance, compatibility of work and family, individual opportunities for development and working with people – whether it’s in a team or with customers.

But there has been a gap between the staffing needs of companies and the young talent available in Germany for years due especially to demographic changes. The “War for Talent” in tourism represents one of the central challenges of this industry. Numerous actions by sole proprietorships and tourism and hospitality organisations are taking up this challenge and offering a variety of initiatives to counteract the shortage of junior management in this growth market…


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