The big picture counts – from photography to marketing

Even as a child, Nina cared about creating the perfect picture. She has made this passion into a profession: first as a photographer, now in marketing at Hieber’s Frische Center KG, an independent EDEKA retailer in Baden-Württemberg. What helped her make this shift? IUBH Distance Learning.


My grandpa is the inspiration behind my career. He had a milk shop, was an active amateur photographer and involved with various photography clubs. Even as a child, I wanted to capture my impressions in a picture. So, at the age of 10 years, I was already announcing to family and friends that my dream was to become a photographer. At that point, however, I did not have a plan for how to realise my dream.

Dream job? Photographer!

After a short school internship with a well-known fashion and lifestyle photographer from Freiburg, I felt further encouraged to pursue my professional ambition. Shortly before high school graduation, the big opportunity opened up: I got an internship with a regionally known portrait photographer. From that moment on, I commuted between school, my study group to prepare for exams, and the photo studio. My commitment payed off! The acclaimed photographer wanted to win me over as an employee and train me to become a photographer. My dream career was getting tangibly closer – I took the offer.

New challenges needed

In 2015 I completed my training as Best Apprentice at the Chamber of Crafts in Freiburg. During these two years of training, I was able to portray numerous prominent figures, implement creative ideas and develop my skills. However, then came a point when this was no longer enough for me. I did not want to “just” deliver an end product portrait to the client, but also to work at a conceptual level and together with the client develop ideas for images, brand design, marketing mix – in short: the big picture.


Professional reorientation with IUBH

At a career exhibition fair in Frankfurt am Main, I came across IUBH Distance Learning and their bachelor’s degree programme in marketing. I was inspired to understand how marketing creates a successful overall picture for a brand or product and acquires customers. So, in November 2015, I started the online degree programme.

I found my new focus so interesting that I decided to orient myself professionally toward the area of marketing. My choice landed me at one of the most innovative and highest-turnover retailers in Germany – Hieber’s Frische Center KG.

As manager for social media marketing, I was initially responsible for developing all social media channels. I organised my schedule to optimally integrate the full-time job and commute with my study programme: Vodcasts became Podcasts; I used the car commute to listen to audio seminars and the treadmill at the gym to read lecture scripts and notes.

Career in marketing

After seven months at the company and at the very beginning of my fourth semester, I was promoted to department head of the creative team and took over responsibility for the entire marketing mix. I am now responsible for the positive development of social media marketing as well as all classic advertising strategies such as, for example, adverts and commercials. The leadership responsibility as well as the new technical requirements were a challenge I could master, thanks to the numerous IUBH lecture scripts, coaching and great tutors. In particular, with my specialisation in Advanced Leadership I had already had the chance to use various leadership methods and profit daily from the fact that I can apply what I learned into practice. I am not yet exactly sure what next step I want to take for the future. Marketing – and especially the world of commerce – is changing so fast! We will see what I can contribute to that.


Nina Haak is 23 years old. She has been studying for a bachelor’s degree in marketing at IUBH since 2015. She is a trained photographer and now works as department head of the creative team at Hieber’s Frische Center KG. In her free time she likes to do sports, read or enjoy the delicious things in life.

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