Francisco Tigre Moura

“That Germans are cold and reserved I think is a big misconception”

A chat with Professor Francisco Tigre Moura, Head of the International Marketing Management (B.A.) degree programme, about his decision to go to IUBH University of Applied Sciences and prejudices about Germans


IUBH: Why did you decide to go to IUBH?

Francisco Tigre Moura: I visited the Bad Honnef campus and immediately felt at home. At the same time I was impressed by the possibility of teaching in a truly international environment and being part of a University of Applied Science which is very active on the European market. Up until now I have benefited greatly professionally as well as personally from my experience at IUBH and am looking forward to the coming year.

IUBH: How would you describe the atmosphere at IUBH?

Tigre Moura: International. I have lost track of the variety of countries from which my students came in the last five years. I am also impressed by the work experience placements abroad: On their return, the students bring these inter-cultural experiences with them into the lessons so that everyone can benefit from them: in class as well as on campus.

IUBH: What is your favourite spot?

Tigre Moura: My favourite spot is my own office. That is where I have productive meetings with students and get my work done. It is a really cosy little place for me.

IUBH: Which prejudices about German have you had confirmed?

Tigre Moura: The image of a professional and hardworking German is certainly true. This also relates to dedication to the community and environment. That is something I have learnt to appreciate and respect in the meantime. That Germans are cold and reserved I find a big misconception. I have wonderful German friends and have learnt something: If someone becomes your friend then the friendship is honest and you can always count on the other person. This is significantly different to other cultures where there are many superficial friendships.

IUBH: When you think of home what do you miss the most?

Tigre Moura: Certainly my family, friends, the sun and the food. Brazilian cooking is just unbelievable and there is something very special about enjoying a good meal directly by the ocean. Brazil is a fantastic country and everyone should visit it!


Prof. Dr. Francisco Tigre Moura comes form Recife, Brazil. He is a PhD in Marketing (University of Otago, New Zealand), where he was awarded the “Exceptional Thesis” award. Since 2013 he has been working at IUBH as Professor of Marketing and Head of the International Marketing Management (B.A.) degree program. His research interests includes consumer behavior and technology applied in the music industry. Some of the research projects and findings can be found at

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