Studying without an “Abitur” university-entrance diploma

The trend continues to lead to higher education and studies. The good news: It is not always necessary to have an Abitur diploma, because under certain conditions you can also receive university entrance qualification without this diploma.


You do not have an Abitur diploma, but successfully completed vocational training? At most universities, as well the IUBH, two years of training and three years of professional experience are required for you to start studying at the university in this case. The degree programme, however, must fit the profession you learned. For example, a trained child caretaker can study social work to qualify for assuming leadership responsibility.

Of course you can also study in another area. Further admission requirements need to be met in this case; Depending on the federal state in which you want to study, you might have to take further exams.

Admission via qualifying examination or a trial course

On the one hand, you can request that you be permitted to take a qualifying examination. In the IUBH dual studies programme, for example, everyone has to take a written admission test to prove that they are suitable for the dual study programme. On the other hand, you can also take a trial course to qualify for studying without a university entrance qualification. For example, you can study in the IUBH distance learning programme for one semester on probation if do not have an Abitur diploma and you are interested in a degree programme outside your professional qualifications. During this probationary period take regular exams and collect course credits. Once you have achieved a set number of credits, you have successfully completed the probationary period. The accumulated credits are retained and will be credited towards your studies.

Studying with career advancement training

A second possibility for studying without an Abitur diploma is proof that you have done career advancement training. This is a state examination, with which you can, for example, educate yourself to become a technician, child caretaker or specialist. Information can be obtained from your respective Chamber of Commerce or Chamber of Crafts. A Master Craftsman qualification also entitles you to study. The same entrance requirements as for applicants with an Abitur diploma apply to you in both cases.


There are a variety of options that are also open to prospective students without an Abitur diploma. At the IUBH you can also study in the dual studies or distance education programmes with training and professional experience. After passing the qualification examination or a successful trial course, you will be admitted to the university. Your previously acquired knowledge from vocational training also benefits you: Often this can be counted toward the programme requirements and thus reduce the time and cost for your studies. If you have any questions, please contact the Student Advisory Service.


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