Bad Honnef

Studying in Bad Honnef during winter semester – an international perspective

We want to know what our students like most about the place where they study. Omar shows us the perspective of an international student on Bad Honnef:

Bad Honnef is not known for its size or world-famous attractions, but everyone has to admit that it is scenic and full of places to discover. It is a place where it is very easy to have fun and all your colleagues live within walking distance. What could be better than being able to connect with so many international people in such a small place? Although it is not cold during the winter months, it is nice to share interesting conversations over warm drinks.


My favourite place in Bad Honnef…

…to study:

During the winter, my first choice is to study in an empty classroom. This is the best place for me to focus. If I can’t find an empty classroom, then my next best bet is to use the Student Council’s lounge. The couches there are quite comfortable but the only thing is, earphones are a must.

…to shop:

I can’t say Bad Honnef has a lot of great shopping experiences, but the shopping complex at Hit Market is nice. They also just recently opened a new café and a sushi bar, which, I have to say, is very good.

…to go out:

This one is easy to answer, as Bad Honnef is so small. On a typical Thursday night, everybody knows that after some drinks with the squad in Charly’s Lounge – our on-campus student bar – you head down to Heinbar to continue and end the night.

…to eat out:

Hands down for the best pizza and pastas in Bad Honnef: go to Pizza Bay! Some might disagree, but I think the food and service there is great. It would be even better, however, if they also did home delivery.

…to contemplate:

Even though it is cold, Grafenwerth, an island in the Rhine River, is one of the most scenic places in Bad Honnef. Whenever I need peace and quiet, I just take an afternoon walk down along the river and enjoy the crisp, moist air. Just wear something warm!

Bad Honnef…to get in the Christmas spirit:

The Bad Honnef Martini Market is definitely a great way to get into the Christmas mood, but unfortunately, it’s not here for the entire winter. The food, mulled wine and sweets are just too good for the market to only last for a few days. Aside from that, Gilgen’s bakery, in the city centre, has Christmas cookies all winter so I settle for those.

…to flirt:

Charly’s Lounge on-campus is a great place to have good conversations. The music is not overwhelmingly loud and most of the people there are your colleagues so it’s easy to approach anyone. The drinks are cheap and Marcus, the bar’s manager, can make a mean cocktail, all of which are great conversation starters.

…to relax:

Even though Bad Honnef is small, it can sometimes be quite overwhelming trying to balance studying and social life; at such times, I tend to seek refuge in my apartment. During the winter, I’ll load up Netflix, brew some tea and just try to relax for a few hours.

…burn off energy:

For me, a great place to burn off some energy is in the gym. There are only two gyms in Bad Honnef but that’s more than enough: both have a sauna which, during the winter, is an awesome way to just chill and relax after a long week of studying.

My favourite place:

My favourite place in Bad Honnef is Grafenwerth, all year round. No matter how cold or how warm it is, the island is a nice place to enjoy nature. In winter you tend to be stuffed up inside so it’s always a great refresher to just take a walk, get some air and maybe even head down there with some friends.


Omar is 21 years old, a native of Jamaica and studying Aviation Management at IUBH. In his free time, he enjoys going on runs or photowalks in and around Bad Honnef. If the weather is too bad he’s reading on his couch or watching Netflix.

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