“Studying at a European university has been very useful for my career”

Anoop Bhargav did his master’s degree at IUBH University of Applied Sciences in Germany. Afterwards, he started his international career in his native country of India.


The German virtues of perfection and discipline always fascinated me. For that reason, I decided to pursue a master’s degree at a German university. In 2015, I completed the Master International Management degree programme with a concentration in international marketing.

Since I already had a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and wanted to gain an orientation in economics, the IUBH programme Path2Master was the perfect choice. This six-month programme enables one to start a business administration master programme with a non-business bachelor’s degree. During my entire degree programme, I was an intern at the logistic service provider DHL Freight GmbH in Bonn, where I learned the importance of data for business organisations. I also learned to be part of a multicultural and multidisciplinary team. This experience motivated me to work in the area of business development after graduating.

Career in India

Despite my extensive knowledge, it was hard to find a job in Germany after graduating. Although I have strong communication skills and technical skills, I lacked an advanced level of German language skills. I realised that I could best use my technical skills, the valuable knowledge gained from the IUBH degree programme and my experience of living, studying and working in Germany in India.

In Bangalore, TAAL Technologies Pvt. Ltd. immediately hired me as Senior Business Development Executive. It was my job to establish contact between TAAL Tech and interested parties in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Although I enjoyed the job, I wanted a wider reaching sales position, rather than limiting myself to identifying and attracting potential customers.

Two roles are a lot of responsibility

After another job working for a digital marketing agency, I have now been working for the technology service provider Vee Technologies since 2018. There I am head of a three-person team that focuses on business development in Western Europe.  In addition to my role as a manager, I also work in sales. I identify potential customers, communicate with them through various channels and introduce them to our company and its services.

As a manager, I oversee the activities of my team, set goals for my staff and support them in achieving those goals because, ultimately, I am responsible for their performance.

Key to a career: studying in Europe

To summarise, I can say that studying at a European university has been very useful in my career: two of my three jobs since graduating have focused on business development in Western Europe. The most important thing I took from my studies at IUBH was a new perspective for independently mastering the challenges of work and everyday life. I think this will also benefit me in the coming years.

When I came from India, I quickly realised that Germany is completely different from my home. There is more freedom to pursue one’s own interests. At the same time, there is a framework or structure for almost everything in Germany. That was the biggest surprise for me.

I worked, lived and studied in Germany for over four years. I have many fond memories of dedicated, talented and professional colleagues; friendly and courteous landlords and roommates, some of whom became like a second family; smart, dynamic, funny classmates from all over the world, some of whom have become very close friends and much more. It was a formative time in my life, and I can only recommend it to others.

My tip for those who want to work in Germany after graduating: concentrate on learning the German language. After graduating, you are competing with other graduates who master German and English. If your language skills are in good shape, your intercultural competence is an additional asset to your profile.


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