Bad Honnef

Riviera on the Rhein

Bad Honnef is a city near Cologne and Bonn that is also known as the “Rivera on the Rhein” due to its year-round mild climate. For me it is home and now also the place where I study.


My favourite place in Bad Honnef…

…to study:

I feel the most comfortable at home. Here I definitely have my peace and quiet and can concentrate the best. When we need to work on a group assignment, the IUBH library as well as lectures rooms that are available to students are ideal places to prepare and practice presentations.

Bad Honnef…to shop:

There are several options in Bad Honnef. Nevertheless, the proximity of Bonn and Cologne is a big plus for me. Most of the time I drive to Bonn, a quick ride away, and enjoy a nice day in the city centre. You can find just about everything your heart or wardrobe could desire here.  If I don’t find what I need in Bonn, I can go to Cologne.

…to relax:

When I need to clear my mind and just get away from daily routine, the Siebengebirge Nature Park is right at the doorstep and I like to go mountain biking, motorcycling or simply walking to enjoy some fresh air.

…to go out:

Thanks to the proximity of Bonn and Cologne, that is where I usually go. The clubs have everything from top hits to RnB. A great club that I often go to, for example, is the Bootshaus in Cologne where they play mostly electronic music.

Bad HonnefOn Thursday nights, when one may not feel up for going to a club, IUBH’s on-campus Charlys Bar in Bad Honnef is a good option to have a drink,  see friends, meet new faces and wind down the day together. If that stretches out, the evening usually continues in the Heinbar, which is just a short walk away.

In the Rheinaue Park along the river, there are also nationally renowned events, such as the Panama Festival and the Rockaue Open Air, that attract visitors from all over Germany.

…to get into the Christmas spirit:

Thanks to its Christmas atmosphere, the Martini Market in Bad Honnef – an annual event during the last week of October that attracts multitudes of people to the city centre – is the first sign of Christmas for me. It is also always worth a trip to the Christmas markets in Cologne and Bonn to drink mulled wine.

My favourite place:

To be honest, my favourite place is two different places: Drachenfels and Petersberg. They are both mountains in the Siebengebirge Nature Park and have wonderful views across the Rhine River and up to Cologne.


Luca is 20 years old and a native of Bad Honnef. He has been studying marketing management at IUBH since 2017. In his free time, he likes to work out, celebrate with friends or spend the weekend pursuing his passion for motocross driving.

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