Once Rhine, always Rhine

We want to know what our students like most about the place where they study. Today, Luisa tells us about winter semester in Düsseldorf:

I like many things about Düsseldorf, but above all, I like the Rhine River. I spend a lot of time by the river, be it to do sports, meet with friends or simply find peace and quiet. I also like the fact that people here are so open and friendly. Düsseldorf is also, of course, the mecca for people who are interested in fashion.

My favourite place in Düsseldorf…

…to study: IUBH Dual Studies Campus

The best place for me to study is actually in the campus premises of IUBH Dual Studies. There are not as many distractions there in comparison to being home, and I can easily exchange information with fellow students.

…to shop: Flinger Strasse

For me, Düsseldorf is a perfect mix between high quality fashion labels and casual discount fashion. On Flinger Strasse I can find, for example, Mango and Zara -my favourite brands- as well as numerous shoe stores. If you are looking for something more exclusive, then the famous Königsalle is the place to go. Unfortunately, I only go there for window-shopping but the stores and people give me tremendous inspiration.

…to go out: Rudas-Studios

My favourite place to party is on the harbour. There are several bars and clubs in the area, such as the club Rudas-Studios, that regularly hosts well-known nation-wide party series like Candy-Shop or Lollipop. For fans of black music like myself, there is plenty to enjoy. Occasionally it is fun to go to the old part of town, which is proclaimed to be the “longest bar in the world”. However, the focus here is more on beer and pop songs, which I can only tolerate in small doses.

…to eat out: Bistro “Zicke”

I also like to go to the harbour to eat out. Here you can find delicious burgers at spots like Hans im Glück or Bob and Mary, and there is a Vapiano. My absolute top insider tip however, is a small bistro called Zicke in the Carlstadt district, close to the Rhine. In addition to local foods, they also serve dishes from the Baden-Württemberg region, which is where I come from. This is where I go when I am in the mood for hearty spaetzle or maultaschen.

…to contemplate: Meadows along the banks of the Rhine

When I need time to think I prefer to take a long walk along the Rhine. Because I live in the middle of Düsseldorf’s busy city centre, from time to time I need to find some peace and quiet so I can contemplate things. The kilometre-long meadows along the Rhine are perfect for this.

…to get into the Christmas spirit: Christmas market on Burgplatz

The best place to get into the spirit of Christmas is definitely at the Christmas markets in Düsseldorf. I particularly like the Christmas market on Burgplatz near the Rhine. Throughout the Christmas season, there is a Ferris wheel, from where you have a fantastic view of the entire city. This is my favourite place to spend winter evenings enjoying delicious food and mulled wine.

…to flirt: Everywhere

I don’t have a special place to flirt. This just happens spontaneously 😉

…to relax: The Rhine – or in bed

My favourite place to relax is also on the Rhine. My bed is also a great place for this 😉

…to burn off energy: Fitness Studio Fit X – or along the Rhine

The best place for me to burn off energy is the Fitness Studio Fit X, or alternatively, along the Rhine, which is perfect for taking a long jog.

Luisa is 22 years old and a native of Freiburg. For her degree in marketing management at IUBH, she moved up the Rhine to the beautiful city of Düsseldorf. When she is not on the river, she enjoys the city with her friends.

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