Pro-Rector of International Affairs and Diversity

What does a Pro-Rector of International Affairs and Diversity do?

Sometimes you read professional titles at universities and wonder what that person might actually do. We have asked some colleagues at IUBH University of Applied Sciences to describe exactly what their job involves.


What is your job title?

Since 2018, I am Pro-Rector of International Affairs and Diversity.

What does your job at the university entail?

As Pro-Rector of International Affairs and Diversity I am responsible for the university’s international relations, educational activities abroad and collaborations with foreign partners. I am also responsible for ensuring gender equality and equal opportunity at the university.

What do you like most about your work?

The University Senate recently created these two areas of responsibility in the Rectorate. It is important that equal opportunity and gender equality be ensured for both employees and students alike, and to firmly anchor this in the Rectorate. I personally am interested in the variety of international relations and activities that we cultivate at our university. We have extensive international collaborations and partners and it is very exciting to be involved with this and to expand it further. I thereby expand and promote the university’s presence as well as the experiences of its student.

What is a challenge for you?

Worldwide, there are constantly new and innovative approaches for collaborating in higher education. Applying such new concepts to our university is a challenge because we want IUBH to continue to have an internationally solid and innovative position.

Last but not least: What are your hopes for the future?

I hope that as a growing university with our numerous locations, we are not only successful on the German educational market, but also abroad. We have already managed to make studying at IUBH attractive for an increasingly interested group of international students, and thus to make studying in Germany attractive with its stable labour market. In the future, it is surely a worthwhile investment to do this in other regions of the world. Here, a first step is our campus in Austria where we offer dual study degree programmes.


Prof Dr Florian Hummel is Pro-Rector International Affairs and Diversity, and Professor of Strategic Management at IUBH since 2017. Before joining the university, he worked for many years in business and helped set up a business school in Germany that he directed for nine years before he took on academic roles as Professor and Dean at Cologne Business School, which he subsequently led as Managing Director.

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