Your path to the IUBH: Studying at a German university

Germany is a popular destination for migrants – one reason for this is the diverse job market in the country. We provide a summary here of what you need to know if you want to study as a migrant in Germany and what opportunities the IUBH can offer you.


Germany is a successful business location that offers a wealth of career opportunities – for international graduates as well. You can lay the foundation for your own professional and financial security with a degree from a renowned university.

The first step: What do I want to study?

The first step on this path is choosing a suitable degree programme. Not everyone is a numbers person, but at the same time not everyone is a social butterfly. So when deciding on a degree programme, it is important to consider your own inclinations and talents. Some universities in Germany specialise in certain subject areas, others like the IUBH offer a wide range of programmes. You can study in more than 80 degree programmes here at the Bachelor’s, Master’s and MBA level, covering, among other things, the fields of business & management, health & social affairs and IT & technology. We offer various forms of programmes, from English-language programmes to dual studies, extra-occupational studies or completely online studies to suit your individual life circumstances.

What do I need to be admitted to the university?

To be admitted to higher education in Germany, you first need a university entrance qualification that is comparable to the German Abitur. Whether your graduation certificate acquired abroad entitles you to study in Germany is determined individually in each case. This can be determined directly at the university, for example at the International Office of the IUBH. If you have already started studying in your home country, you can also have your work credited in Germany in some cases. So you don’t need to study the material twice, and you save time and money. Our tip: It’s worth asking!

In addition to the university entrance qualification, you also have to take an aptitude test depending on the university. For example, the IUBH examines where your strengths lie, so they can advise you more specifically in your choice of programmes. You can find the admission requirements for the IUBH at a glance here:

  • Dual studies: University entrance qualification, proof of your knowledge of German at level C1, admission test
  • English-language full-time study: University entrance qualification, evidence of your English proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge), successful participation in the Assessment Day
  • Distance learning: University entrance qualification, proof of your German language skills at level C1

Note: For Master’s programs some other admission requirements apply. A Bachelor’s degree is of course required.

How can I finance my studies?

There are several ways to finance your studies. Under certain circumstances you can have your studies financially supported by the state even as a foreign student. You might have heard about “BAföG”, which refers to the Federal Training Promotion Act. BAföG is a financial support mechanism for pupils and students, which is paid by the state. Whether or not you are entitled to this help depends on a number of factors such as your income and that of your parents. However, your residence status is also very important. Students of the IUBH can apply for BAföG through the Studentenwerk responsible for their federal state. You can find information about the BAföG here.

If you opt for a dual studies programme, you can work for a company and gain practical experience while studying. So you will be well-prepared for the world of work after your studies. At the IUBH, your company partner usually even pays the tuition fees for you if you are in a dual studies programme.

Funding through scholarships

In some cases, you can apply for a scholarship to help you financially during your studies. For example, scholarships can be awarded for special achievements or social engagement. You can apply for university scholarships as part of IUBH Campus Studies and IUBH Distance Learning. The English-language distance learning programme of IUBH Online also offers scholarship programmes, which are intended especially for women in management positions or future entrepreneurs. These scholarships require a high level of motivation and a drive to achieve.


The diverse range of degree programmes and various options for financial support offer you different ways to further your education at a German university and start a professional career in Germany. The Career Office not only looks after our current students but also looks after graduates of the IUBH. Another positive aspect: Students of IUBH Campus Studies can take free German courses. If you are thinking about starting your studies at a university in Germany: Inform yourself in advance about exactly what is expected. You can contact the Student Advisory Service for a list of all documents required for enrolment at the IUBH. They look forward to meeting you and will gladly help.



Dual studies: +49 (0)30 364 284 610, info@iubh-dualesstudium.de

Campus Studies: +49 (0)2224 9605 102, studienberatung@iubh.de

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