Parties, sports or relaxing – there is something for everyone in Nuremberg

We want to know what our students like most about the place where they study. Today Melanie tells us about winter semester in Nuremberg:

First and foremost, Nuremberg is home for me: it is the place where I was born and raised. Others may associate Bavaria’s second largest city with the Nuremberg Christmas Market or the Renaissance painter Albrecht Dürer. In Nuremberg, as a city to study in, you will unquestionably find many opportunities to try out and experience new things, and have a good time.


My favourite place in Nuremberg…

…to study: Café&Bar Celona

The best places for me to study are at home, in one of the many university libraries, in the city library or in a quiet café in the city centre. One of my favourite cafés is Café&Bar Celona across from the Cinecittà cinema complex. In addition to delicious delicacies for young and old – I particularly like their hot winter drinks – its pleasant cosy atmosphere makes learning much easier. In Nuremberg, however, you can always find a quiet place somewhere.

…to shop: downtown

Nuremberg’s city centre has many attractive shops, restaurants, bars and cafés. In wintertime, the Christmas market is also a great place to while away your time. In Langwasser, a city district in the southeastern area of the city, there is also Franken-Centre, one of the most famous shopping centres in Nuremberg with its large selection of stores.

…to contemplate: Dutzenteich

When I want to let my thoughts wander, I go to the Dutzenteich or the city park. It does not matter if it is summer or winter, I always enjoy the beautiful landscape here and can unwind by the lake and relax. When walking, biking or pedal boating, hours can pass before I return to daily thoughts.

…to get in the Christmas spirit: Nuremberg Christmas Market

Particularly in wintertime when Nuremberg hosts one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in the world, just being in the city centre puts everyone into the spirit of Christmas. You can find everything at the Nuremberg Christmas Market, from knickknacks to delicacies. The old town centre is also simply beautiful in wintertime. Every year I enjoy wandering through the festively decorated and snow-covered narrow streets. If this does not inspire a feeling of happiness, I do not know what else could.

Nuremberg…to go out: Hinz&Kunz

Apropos happiness: in the centre of Nuremberg, on virtually every corner, there is a bar, café or a club where you can get good food and meet new people. Most of the localities are very busy, both on weekends and during the week. On Saturday night, my friends and I go to either Sausalitos to finish off the evening quietly with one or two cocktails, or to Hinz&Kunz, the most famous club in Nuremberg. So if you are ready to party and dance or are just in the mood for a relaxed beer – you will definitely find what you need in Nuremberg.

…to burn off energy: Fitness Studio

Nuremberg takes sports seriously. There are advertisements for fitness studios and fitness classes everywhere, and coupons for a free trial training session are often given away on the streets. There is a wide range of options and something to fit every taste.

My favourite place: Dutzendteich

My favourite place is Dutzendteich. For me, this is the most beautiful place in Nuremberg for walking. To clear my head, I like to spend time there with friends, alone or with my dog. I enjoy it the whole year round.


Melanie is 21 years old and has been studying tourism business at IUBH since October 2017. In her free time, she likes being with her family or friends, for example in a café, at the movies or sometimes out partying in the evening. She also enjoys traveling to meet new people and cultures, and the chance to see the world from a new perspective.

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