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Mission: More equal opportunities in education

An interview with Prof Dr Mümtaz Köksal about his appointment as a personal tutor at the Hans Böckler Foundation and why IUBH students can also benefit from this.


Mr Köksal, you’ve been appointed as a personal tutor at the Hans Böckler Foundation (HBS). What responsibilities are you taking on with this?

Prof Dr Mümtaz Köksal: As a personal tutor I mainly assist with the foundation’s work in research funding and support undergraduate and postgraduate students. For example, I advise scholarship holders on their academic education as well as any personal issues and I advise the foundation on concept development and programme planning. In addition, personal tutors assess applications for readmission and continued funding from the foundation’s scholarship holders. A personal tutor’s responsibilities also include being involved in the preparation, organisation and conducting of research projects. Relevant issues from the working world are introduced into IUBH’s research and teaching at the same time. In our specialist field of Health Care Management in Bad Honnef an example of this is the participation in an EU-funded programme on the topic “Preventing Workplace Violence in Healthcare”.

That sounds exciting. What exactly does the project behind this entail?

Köksal: With the “Preventing Workplace Violence in Healthcare” project we want to research violence against healthcare staff and the previous outcomes of work on prevention. To implement this project we are currently involved in a tender funded by the EU Erasmus+ programme, which supports projects in vocational education as well as adult and high education in Europe.

Can IUBH students also benefit from what the foundation offers?

Köksal: Yes, of course they can! One of HBS’ aims is to make a contribution to more equal opportunities in education with the awarding of scholarships. Current and potential IUBH students are welcome to apply for them. Besides the formal funding principles based on the German Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG) guidelines, there are the Hans Böckler Foundation specific funding criteria, which look at a candidate’s overall biography. The basic principle is that neither performance nor commitment is given priority. Both criteria should be met and have the same weighting.

You teach in the Health Care Management department at IUBH yourself – which topics cross over here with the work at HBS?

Köksal: Our Health Care Management department has several themes that interface with the foundation’s remit in project and research. The topics range, for example, from analysing German and European health care to the impacts of social insurance on the work at statutory and private health insurance companies. I am convinced that extensive collaborative synergies can develop between our university and the foundation. Our department has already taken an initial step in this direction by participating in the ERASMUS research project.

We look forward to seeing which other benefits are still to emerge and wish you lots of success with your new responsibilities.


Prof Dr Mümtaz Köksal has been employed at the IUBH International University of Applied Sciences since April 2016 and teaches in the Health Care Management department on campus in Bad Honnef. He was appointed as a personal tutor at the Hans Böckler Foundation by the Foundation Board of Directors at the suggestion of the Federal Executive Board of the Confederation of German Trade Unions. The position that Köksal has held since June 2018 is initially for three years.

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