Marketing-Trends 2020: Acht Experten zu Gast an der IUBH

Marketing trends 2020 – A discussion with eight experts

The marketing industry is changing faster than ever. Companies are trying to develop new ideas for their marketing as well as to recognize and use trends at an early stage. Eight marketing experts attended the 1st IUBH Marketing-Forum in Berlin. We asked them which marketing trends they thought would become more important in 2020. 


Benjamin Eder, Head of Digital at AccorHotels Deutschland

I think that marketing can no longer be viewed as a single entity, but that more and more fields are merging: guest experience, reviews, social media, marketing… This is becoming a kind of ‘megatrend’ for 2020. Teamwork is indispensable, nobody should work in his own silo anymore, but open up his field and work based on topics.  



Marc Haberland, Programming Director at the RTL Radiocenter Berlin

Influencer marketing is definitely a huge trend – at least that has been my experience in the Bertelsmann Group, which we are part of. ‘Divimove’ is one of the biggest influencer agencies there. They market thousands of micro and macro influencers in several countries and do not even know what to do with all that growth. But I do also believe that out-of-home-advertising still offers new possibilities, especially with digital surfaces. And Programmatic Advertising is a big trend overall for the whole field. 


Philipp Gohlke, CEO & Founder of Websitebutler

The website is in the foreground, especially for small and medium-sized companies. And most companies in Germany are SMEs. 50% of them still don’t have a website. The other 50% have websites that can still be built on or expanded. In other words: There will be a wave of renewal in this area in 2020 and the most important thing for us is to facilitate that.  



Jana Plischke, HR Manager for East Germany at Enterprise car rental 

In the field of personnel marketing, there will be some changes both in the applicant and in the corporate field. And companies will have to react accordingly; some of them are already doing so. We will see how companies adapt even more to applicant marketing and employer branding. Because it will become even more important to develop a business brand in order to find the right and good applicants.  


Klaus Wick, Managing Director of BAES Deutschland

I think it is really difficult to predict what will happen in 2020. And I can also speak about sports marketing. We have just completed a very exciting year. This year we marketed environmental and sustainability issues extremely well. I am already excited to see what next year will bring.   




Jörg Simon, Senior Vice President Marketing & Sales at STRATO

The marketing trends for 2020? That is the wrong question in my opinion. When people on my team ask me what the next channel or hype is that they should bet on, I say: Your basics need to be your foundation. And only if that is working should you see what you can do on top of that. But if looking for the next hype means neglecting the basics, then you shouldn’t be asking those questions.  


Kim Schäfer, Director Marketing & Sales of Tropical Islands

I assume that TV will become less and less important. But we are lacking an exciting replacement. To what extent can we overlap the reach of a mass medium from TV to digital? That will be the trend discussion of 2020. What the trend will be specifically – ask me again in a year’s time.  




Fabian Hase, Head of Projects at Fastlane Marketing

I spend a lot of time at universities and ask questions such as: Who uses Instagram more, who uses Facebook more? Facebook is dying out among the younger generation, Instagram is firmly on the rise. Snapchat was very short-lived and is already on the decline. Twitter is not even used in Germany, and chatbots cannot assert themselves. But podcasts are a medium that is constantly growing, because a lot of people in Berlin, Munich and Hamburg travel longer distances by public transport or car. They need to bridge that time and thus want to consume content that offers exciting topics. That’s where the podcasts come in. And it is precisely through these media that, with a relatively good reach and a target group that matches one’s own product, it logically makes sense to advertise.  


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