Keeping the relationship alive: CRM in practice

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a concept which everyone, who is interested in Sales and Marketing or is already working in this area, should know. At the CRM course in the Marketing Management combined study programme at the IUBH in Hamburg, we were able to get a detailed insight into the world of CRM together with our professor Dr. Schuster.


We began the semester in April by creating a glossary of all the relevant terms for Customer Relationship Management. We collected a total of 321 alphabetically ordered definitions! In order to make this knowledge useful for the test, in the following weeks and months we developed explanatory approaches to a range of CRM questions: Which channels can I use to find my target audience? As a business, how can I gain loyal customers? But also: How do I measure the success of CRM and which measures are the most worthwhile? These helped to make preparing for the test easier for us and our fellow students – and they also of course enabled us to apply our newly acquired knowledge in our businesses.

CRMKnowledge on Tap

After a few weeks of seminars, it was time to put things into practice: As part of the “Knowledge on Tap” event series in Hamburg, we were able to hear Prof. Judith Simon speak on the topic of big data. Her talk, “Brave New Data World? Knowledge, Values & Society” took place in the Koppheister bar in Altona. She spoke about the opportunities and risks of data practices as well as their effects on knowledge and decision-making processes, in everyday life and in science, politics and economics.

“Knowledge on Tap” imparts knowledge by going out and covering a diverse range of themes, taking place in cafés, pubs and bars in Hamburg.

CRM à la Google

In the middle of May we attended the Google Future Workshop. The approximately two-hour talk on “Web analysis – how to get users to interact with my website?” gave us a good insight into Google Analytics, a free tracking tool, which many of us use for personal or professional purposes. Even as we entered Google’s Hamburg office on ABC-Straße, we noticed numerous marketing measures in action. Snacks, drinks and magazines awaited us, which we could take home with us, and we also had the opportunity to try out the Google Home voice command system, a handy speaker for the home with many functions – that really was professional Customer Relationship Management!

A project with a win-win situation

Another highlight was the visit by the Lucas Consulting Team, in which our own professor was professionally involved as a coach and Trainer for areas such as Project Management and Organisational Development. Under Ms Schuster’s leadership we developed presentations on themes such as data protection or possible CRM tools for the consultancy over the course of the next few weeks. The goal was to show Lucas Consulting possibilities for optimising their current system. Three students were given the chance to win the opportunity of participating in an open seminar on management – a very valuable prize that everyone who have liked to have accepted.

Overall the CRM course offers a large range of practical content, which has proved more useful for our professional practice than we had previously expected. It was an exciting semester with lots of new insights.




Annika is 21 years old and has been studying Marketing Management at IUBH since 2016, firstly through distance learning and then on the dual studies programme from 2017. In her free time she likes to go to concerts.





Luis is 23 years old and has been studying Marketing Management in the dual studies programme since 2016 at IUBH. One of his hobbies is playing football.





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