Planetree und die IUBH krempeln die Gesundheitsbranche um

How IUBH and Planetree are Together Changing the Healthcare Industry

Making healthcare facilities more efficient, while also reducing staff turnover and meeting patients’ increasing needs – this is the task to which Planetree is dedicated, helping companies and institutions improve their standards of person-centred care.  


The ever-evolving healthcare system faces the challenge of maintaining its values and quality standards despite being under constant pressure to reduce costs. Planetree offers companies, institutions and personnel relevant management techniques, along with a package of evidence-based improvements to internal practices and procedures, designed to aid in the pursuit of better patient care.


Who are Planetree? 

Planetree was founded 40 years ago by a patient in the United StatesIn consultation with nurses, physiotherapists, doctors and architects, Angelica Thierot sought to answer the question: What would the best possible medical care look like? The concepts and models Planetree went on to develop are now being implemented in around 900 institutions in 24 countries worldwide. 

As a child, Dorothea Wild, general practitioner and chairperson at Planetreehad extensive experience of the healthcare system from the perspective of a patient. This gave her an invaluable insight into the sense of vulnerability people experience when, either as patients or as relatives of patients, they find themselves within the system, dealing with doctors, nurses and other employees. Later, Dorothea interned at a Planetree hospital in the US, there becoming acquainted with the concept of person-centred care. Today, her goal is to help ensure that all patients and healthcare personnel feel more comfortable and open with each other, with a lot more eye contact – both literally and metaphorically.  


How Planetree helps improve person-centred care 

The healthcare system is changing now more than ever. Managers and administrators struggle to stick to their values ​​in the face of the demand to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Part of the issue is that doctors and nurses can now choose where they work and, if they are dissatisfied, often leave for a different facility or area of the sector. As a result, healthcare institutions must become more efficient while also retaining employees and maintaining their commitment to patient needs. It is here that Planetree comes inPlanetree offers appropriate, innovative leadership concepts and a model of evidence and experience-based procedural changes designed to jointly enable organisational development.  


Planetree and IUBH 

Planetree has been working in association with IUBH for several years. First, as part of the Healthcare & Hospitality course headed by Prof. Peter Goffe from the Hospitality Department, several IUBH students from the Hospitality Track and Health Management Track completed internships at Planetree. As Chair of Planetree, Dorothea Wild also co-supervised a Master’s thesis on person-centred care in Israel. Together, IUBH and Planetree aim to address the strategic challenges facing hospitals over the next 20 years. In the words of Dorothea, ‘I found the collaboration very rewarding – thank you so much!’ 

Along with a coordinating team from IUBH, Planetree is now preparing its second major symposium. Taking place on February 14th, 2020, the conference will deal with the topic of employee retention – that is, attracting, motivating and ensuring personnel are satisfied to remain in their positions. Executives from German healthcare facilities, the international Planetree network, and a variety of other experts will be on hand to offer keynote speeches, an expert panel and workshops. There will also be an exhibitor area featuring Germany’s first escape room’ event for teambuilding in person-centred care. The symposium is aimed primarily at decision-makers in healthcare facilities i.e. managing directors, nursing directors and heads of quality management from hospitals, medical practices, rehabilitation clinics, and long-term care facilities. 


Dorothea Wild is 50 years old and a general practitioner from Bonn. As chairperson of Planetree, she hopes to make healthcare a space in which with patients and personnel can feel comfortable and open with each other. To relax, she likes to walk, do yoga and take care of her poodle, Jack. 

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