“IUBH was the ideal choice for me”

Vasim Nizar, 29 years old from Kerala (India) took the opportunity to complete his bachelor studies with a master’s in health care management in Germany. Now, the Indian national works as a Drug Regulatory Affairs Associate in the headquarters of Sandoz in Munich and also trains new associates joining the team from different geographical locations of the company. In this interview, he tells us how IUBH helped him following this career path.


Following family traditions, while studying abroad

I grew up in a family that has had a long association with different fields of healthcare. My father is a pharmacist and is running a pharmacy and clinic in our hometown. My brother is a medical doctor and my sister is doing her studies in the field of biotechnology. Also, my cousin is a surgeon and is working in the Middle East. All these people have influenced me and helping my father in his business has developed my interest to study life science-related subjects and to take up a career in the biotechnology sector.

As a kid, I was very excited to be at airports and spent vacations abroad and was very passionate about travelling. Since then, I always wanted to do study in a foreign country and chose Germany for my Master’s degree because of its high standard of education, a strong economy, beautiful landscapes, opportunities to travel to other Schengen countries, experience new culture, food habits, language, climatic conditions etc.


“IUBH was the ideal choice for me”

I completed my MBA International Business with a specialisation in Healthcare Management from IUBH. I was mainly looking for a university that provided a course in Healthcare Management and found that IUBH offered the course combined with International Business, which was unique and an ideal choice for me.

I am very happy and proud to be able to say that I completed my MBA from IUBH, an international university in Germany, where I shared both classroom and campus with students from different parts of the world, talking about our cultural differences, and striking firm friendships with them. I am also very glad that I got the opportunity to be a part of the learning and training sessions from the very experienced faculty of IUBH, most of them being held in reputed positions in well-known firms across the world.


Continuing a career in Germany

During my studies in IUBH, I did my Master’s thesis in the field of Regulatory Affairs under the supervision of Professor Dr. Mumtaz Koeksal and got the opportunity to work as a Drug Regulatory Affairs Associate in the headquarters of Sandoz in Munich after my graduation. My main tasks in this position include ordering, compiling, publishing and submission of dossiers needed for initial registrations, variations and renewals of Sandoz drug products in Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. It also involves constant communication with the relevant health authority and different stakeholders within the company. I am also given the opportunity to train new associates joining the team from different geographical locations of the company.


Vasim Nizar is 29 years old and is from Kerala, a state in the southern part of India. He did bachelors in Biomedical Engineering and worked as a clinical research professional in India. His hobbies are travelling, getting to know people, driving and playing football.  

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