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“I found what I was looking for in Germany”

IUBH alumna Monika Suryavanshi talks about studying at IUBH and her international career in the health care sector.


Monika, you used to work as a doctor as well as managing director of various medical facilities in India. Why did you move to Germany and study International Health Care Management at IUBH?

Dr. Monika Suryavanshi: I had already achieved my goals in India, so I set myself a new goal: working in a leading position abroad and gaining international experience. To meet this new challenge, I first looked at different countries and universities. I found what I was looking for in Germany: an economically stable and secure country with high-quality education. IUBH is quality-certified and is one of the few universities in Germany that offers English-language studies in the field of health management.

During your studies you worked in the area of Executive Business Development and as a DACH Health Care Consultant. How did you get started there?

Dr. Suryavanshi: I was looking for an internship and saw this position on the IUBH career service website. I found it exciting because it provided me with an overview of the healthcare market in the entire DACH region.

Why did you start working at Helios Kliniken after graduating as a management trainee?

Dr. Suryavanshi: I had already gained hospital experience in India, but to work in German hospitals you have to understand everyday life of German hospitals. Helios Kliniken, as the largest private healthcare provider in Europe, seemed to me to be a good choice. The trainee programme was a great opportunity for me to get an overview of German hospitals, the Helios Group and the German work culture. I was also trained as an assistant to the management.

What are your duties currently?

Dr. Suryavanshi: As an assistant to the management of the Helios Germany Group, I work on projects in various areas, such as clinic development, process optimisation, strategy development and strategic decision-making. And since I am responsible for all Helios hospitals in Germany, I am learning to understand the different health regulations in the various federal states.

What is special about your job?

Dr. Suryavanshi: When making decisions, I don’t just have to consider one hospital, but 86 hospitals. That’s a challenge, of course, but I like challenges. But the most fun is the strategic decision-making process.

Is there anything from your studies at IUBH that has been useful for your current job?

Dr. Suryavanshi: Yes, a lot of different things. For example, I have used competitor analysis and the PDCA cycle for my work. That’s why I would recommend IUBH to anyone for a high-quality and practical education in an international atmosphere.


Dr. Monika Suryavanshi, is Assistant to Helios Germany Group Management, Helios Kliniken GmbH in Berlin. After a career as a doctor and managing director of various medical institutions in India and studying for a master’s degree in International Health Care Management at IUBH Campus Studies in Bad Honnef, she is now building an international career. In her free time, she travels and takes pictures or enjoys sports.

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