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“I did not want to give up having practical work experience”

An interview with Maike Niehoff, dual studies master student in marketing, about why she chose this degree programme and what plans she has for her career.  


Why did you want to do a dual studies programme for your master’s degree?

Maike Niehoff: During my bachelor’s degree programme I did a lot of internships, and afterwards, I knew I did not want to give up having practical work experience. The decision to pursue a master’s was already clear because an academic specialisation is very important to me.  Choosing a dual studies master degree programme was the logical consequence.

How did you find out about IUBH and why did you choose it?

Niehoff: Two reasons. First, people I know recommended IUBH to me. Secondly, IUBH is one of the few universities that even offers dual studies programmes at the master’s level. An online master’s degree programme was not an option for me.

Did you have concerns about starting a dual studies master’s programme?

Niehoff: I had no reservations. I believe that anyone who decides to work and study is aware of the double burden and the associated intensive time commitment.

How is it with the workload?

Niehoff: I have an agreement with my employer, TP Sports, in which I work four days a week for a total of thirty hours. This gives me one day free – Wednesday – for studying and seminars. The weekends are also free of course, but if you have a good schedule, the workload is definitely feasible.

Have your expectations of the master’s programme been met?

Niehoff: So far, I am very satisfied, especially with the flexible design of the programme. Since all course materials are available online and I can take exams whenever I want, I can learn at my own pace. Beyond that, I like the practical relevance of the seminar topics and the opportunity to apply them at work. During classroom seminars, one has the chance to exchange information with classmates and get valuable input.

What do you want to do after you finish your degree?

Niehoff: I can imagine staying with my current employer because as marketing manager I am responsible for diverse marketing strategies, from social media through to trade marketing and events. There is a lot of variety in the work I do and opportunities to learn about different areas. That is what I want from my job.


Maike Niehoff is 24 years old. In 2018, she started her master’s degree in marketing in Munich. In her free time, she enjoys being with family and friends, doing sports and traveling.

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