High Flyer in Aviation

IUBH alumnus Tim Stephan was already fascinated by flying as a child. His Bachelor Degree in Aviation Management helped him to make a career of his favourite hobby.

It was always my childhood dream to be a pilot. Planes and all other areas of the aviation industry, such as airlines, airports and plane manufacturers, have fascinated me my entire life. Today I can say with pride that I have made my passion to a career: As Manager Business Intelligence I am able to exercise significant influence on the evolution of the Business Intelligence area at the largest European air freight company Cargolux Airlines International S.A.

My career began with an internship at Lufthansa CityLine, where I was already able to gather my first experience of the aviation industry during my time at school. Furthermore, I worked as European Press Agency editor and foreign correspondent for the aviation area whilst studying for my ‘A’ Levels. As I wanted to keep my options open, I also founded my own IT company EDP-Services during my Bachelor Degree Course at IUBH. I was soon able to take over responsibility for the IT infrastructure in my parents’ companies with a realm of self taught IT knowledge. Founding my own company was a response to the significant market demand. But my primary career goal was still focused on the aviation industry – and the IUBH was exactly the right choice for this: There I completed my Bachelor Degree in Aviation Management.

From intern to manager

During my studies I got the opportunity to complete a six month internship at Cargolux in the Business Intelligence & Controlling area. I liked the company so much that I finally wrote my Bachelor thesis on ‘Air Cargo Forecasting’ there. After completing my Bachelor Degree at IUBH I went on to graduate with a Masters Degree in International Business from Hult International Business School. During this, Cargolux made me an offer to continue my career in the company as Business Analyst. Then two years later the promotion to the leading position as Head of Business Analysis – Business Intelligence followed. In this role, I successfully developed my leadership skills and was promoted to my current position as Manager Business Intelligence three years later.

Currently a large part of my daily work involves managing my five person team, prioritising tasks and managing projects. My recipe for success which has brought me this far is certainly the fascination for flying and the motivation to make a difference and contribute to the airline industry. Furthermore the studies at the IUBH prepared me very well for my career by building the foundation of knowledge needed for the aviation industry.

Balance with wind and waves

It is not always easy for me to find a good work life balance. But I always try to find space for my main interests in my leisure time, for example by going sailing regularly with family and friends. That frees up my mind: I don’t think so much about various profitability analysis models but devote myself entirely to the challenge of properly reading the wind, waves and currents in order to set the course and sail position. I hope that I can continue to set a successful course.


Tim Stephan was born in Cologne 29 years ago. He completed his Bachelor Degree in Aviation Management at IUBH. Sailing is his great passion - alongside aviation. Tim Stephan has several nautical licences so that he can captain a crew to sail around the world.

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