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I got 99 problems, but my CDP ain’t one

Digital marketing is being shaped by new trends. One trend are the so-called Customer Data Platforms (CDPs). Kotbom and Alisha are studying International Marketing Management at the IUBH, Campus Berlin, and visited the CDP provider CrossEngage as part of a study excursion.


The world is moving fast, and companies invest immensely to research and create innovations to keep up the pace. Understanding international markets and consumer behavior is currently utmost important in this ever-evolving world. Here at IUBH on campus Berlin, as International Marketing Management major students, we have the opportunity to learn more about international consumer behavior and current issues in international marketing, getting insights how companies can uncover customer needs and target them accordingly. In class together with our professor Dr. Cansu Hattula, we studied a lot about digital marketing, marketing analytics, and technological trends in marketing. One of the current technological trends focuses on how to increase consumer reach, using Customer Data Platforms (CDPs). To practically experience marketing analytics and in particular how CDPs operate, our professor Dr. Cansu Hattula organized a field trip to CrossEngage, a CDP provider founded in 2015.

CrossEngage: So that customers come to stay

In June, we visited the modern, comfortable office of CrossEngage in the heart of Berlin. We attended an interesting keynote speech by Marius Busen, a sales consultant at CrossEngage. CrossEngage’s goal is to draw the best result out of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), conducting their cloud-based solution for cross-channel marketing orchestration. To build reliable, long-term relationships with customers by constantly offering them the experience that they get what they want or need – definitely one main goal of all CRM managers. But how does it become easier with CDP? Why did the big names as Deutsche Bahn, HelloFresh, and Cotorion already adapt CDP and are clients of CrossEngage? According to CrossEngage, CDPs are the only ones fulfilling all the requirements for customer-centered CRM from beginning to end with real-time capabilities and data mapping; as CDPs allow companies to send what exactly customers need, and when exactly it is needed. After the keynote speech, Marius kindly answered all questions by our classmates, and took us for a tour in their well-equipped office.

Experience marketing in practice

Overall, the field trip to CrossEngage was a valuable experience and encouraged us to have a broader perspective on how to capture the desired target market in an efficient way. Fortunately, the IUBH and our professor Dr. Cansu Hattula attach great importance to give us opportunities to experience as much study content as possible in practice. The excursion to CrossEngage was only one trip amongst others: In this semester, we also visited the famous Gamesfest at the Kulturbrauerei where we had a chance to interact with game developers and experience new technologies in the gaming industry (e.g., augmented and virtual reality games). On another trip to a startup incubator at Siemens we took part in a user experience (UX) testing. For us, the excursions are not only a great opportunity to strengthen a practical orientation, but also to expand our network in the industry. Thank you very much IUBH and Cansu Hattula for enabling these field trips.



About the authors


Kotbom has been living in Berlin since 2016, working as a freelancer translator, and currently studying International Marketing Management at IUBH since 2018.




Alisha is from India and has a degree in mechanical engineer and engineering management. Since November 2018, she’s pursuing international marketing management at IUBH.






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