“Our goal is to bring the trophy back to Bad Honnef”

Hubertus Kempen will participate in the EMCup 2019 with three other students. In this interview, he tells us what the EMCup is about and how we can support him.



What exactly is the EMCup?

Hubertus Kempen: The European Mise en Place, or EMCup for short, is the annual championship for European hospitality schools in Maastricht. Four to five-member teams deal here with a topic from the hotel industry throughout the entire competition. This year’s theme is “Get Real … Education – Old School Vs. New School”. It’s about how new hospitality workers are trained. The IUBH will be represented this year at the EMCup by Janina Duch, Heinrich von Dewitz, Jose Tena and me: “The A+Team”.

Why are you participating?

Kempen: After IUBH got fourth place with Team Nais last year, we, like the rest of the university, were enthusiastic about the competition and wanted to participate. Because the last time the IUBH won the competition was in 2014, our goal is of course to bring the trophy back to Bad Honnef!

How does the competition work?

Kempen: The competition is actually divided into two phases. The first one, which has already started, is the pre-competition. We have the task here of collecting as many followers, likes, shares and comments as possible on Instagram and Facebook. We collected a lot great ideas in order to give a nice and of course funny impression of life at the IUBH, the special programmes for Hospitality Management students, and of course our preparation over the next three months. For example, many of our friends have our logo with them on the go and are supporting us from all over the world. Our followers, likes, comments etc. are measured throughout the preliminary round. In November, there will be a special photo contest where we have to send in a team photo and try to get the most likes for it on the organisers’ Facebook page. In December, we will have to submit a paper on the topic of the competition.
In the second phase, the real competition, builds on this preliminary work. From the 17 to 18 February, we will travel together with our coach Prof. Dr. Beverley Wilson Wünsch to Maastricht, where in several rounds we will have to defend our the ideas from our paper in pitches and debates in front of other teams and industry experts.

This year’s theme is “Get Real … Education – Old School Vs. New School”. What is this theme about for you?

Kempen: Of course we quickly think here about technical evolution, from the overhead projector to animated, impressive PowerPoint presentations, from the blackboard to the smartboard, or of course from the book to large databases accessible via the tablet.
But it is also about the practical application of knowledge. We are also thinking precisely about the concepts that we encounter every day at the university and the knowledge we gain from this.

How can we support you?

Kempen: With lots of followers, likes, shares and comments on Instagram and Facebook! Every like counts. We are trying everything here to provide a great impression of our life in Bad Honnef and hope to get people inspired about our team.


You want to support the team? Then go to Facebook and Instagram now. Every follower, like, share and comment counts!


Hubertus is 20 years old and has been studying in the Hospitality Management programme at the IUBH campus since 2016. His hobbies are reading, rowing, travelling and meeting friends.

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