Flexible learning and curriculum tailored to Austrian law

IUBH has recently started to offer special modules for the bachelor’s degree programmes in business administration, human resource management, real estate management and financial management that specifically address the conditions and legal frameworks in Austria. Daniel consciously chose the new “Austrian version” for his distance learning programme in real estate management.


My name is Daniel, I am 25 years old and I have been studying real estate management at IUBH Distance Learning since autumn 2018. I am currently working part-time as a fitness and personal trainer and therefore have plenty of time for studying. In the near future I hope to start working in a real estate company.

That is also why I decided to pursue this new degree programme that addresses aspects of Austrian law. For me, the relevance of my studies is very important, because I want to be able to apply what I have learned directly into practice. Legal issues are particularly important here in Vienna. I was therefore very pleased to have the chance to pursue a degree that is tailored to Austrian law. Fortunately, the IUBH introduced this Austrian version at exactly the perfect time for me.

New motivation to learn thanks to Austrian-specific degree programme

In finding a programme tailored to Austrian law, one of the biggest hurdles for me has finally been removed. It means that I don’t have to first do the relevant modules in accordance with German law and then afterwards acquire the Austrian legal basis on my own. The numerous Austrian examples in modules such as “Bautechnische Grundlagen” make learning considerably easier for me, since I know the issues and companies from practical experience. If the upcoming modules continue to focus on actual praxis from an “Austrian point of view”, then my expectations of the study programme will have been met.

I found out about IUBH through my girlfriend, who also studies here. I chose the distance learning model because its flexibility appealed to me. Earlier I studied at the Technical University in Vienna. I often went to classes just to sit in an overcrowded auditorium or to listen to lectures that were irrelevant to my exams. That was frustrating. By contrast, with distance learning I can simply study at home and don’t waste time travelling. Another advantage is the freedom to organize your time, even though time management is also the biggest challenge. I often have to push myself to get started. But once I am in the learning flow, I tend to maintain it. My tip is therefore to avoid long breaks from learning, because at least for me it can then be difficult to get back into the process of studying.

Career future in family-owned real estate business

After graduating, I would like to join our family business and handle medium-sized real estate projects. Our company is currently expanding attic spaces of houses in Vienna and in some cases renovating entire Gründerzeit houses, which are particularly numerous in Vienna’s city centre. For the time being, I will stay in Austria. This is where I live my life and I also see it as my home in the future.


Daniel is 25 years old and was born in Vienna. He has been studying real estate management at IUBH since autumn. In his spare time he works with 3D models and 3D printers and does a lot of sports.

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