Exciting people, relaxed atmosphere

We want to know what our students like most about the place where they study. Today Philipp tells us about winter semester in Dortmund:

What I like most about Dortmund is that I meet new and interesting people who are always ready to talk, be it in the city or on the subway. I have already met a man who is completely covered with tattoos. Really, completely covered. I approached him and we talked about his tattoos, music and stereotypes.


My favourite place in Dortmund…

…to study: the university

During the cold time of year, my favourite place to study is in the “Westfalenpark” room at IUBH Dortmund. Crowded and loud cafes are out of the question for me. In this room, I have my peace and quiet, which in the end, is important for studying. I can also make tea or warm up food in our uni kitchen. To top it off, there is free Wi-Fi, which really makes learning easier.

…to eat out: Quartiers Café U-Jack

If there is one place where I like to eat, where the price is right and I simply feel comfortable, then it is at Quartiers Café U-Jack on Rheinischen Street. They have freshly cooked meals (and desserts) for a modest price. The atmosphere is just right and for me, most importantly, second helpings are free (always good to know for students at the end of the month).

…to get in the Christmas spirit: Christmas Lights Market at the MPS Spektakulum

My favourite spot is the Christmas Lights Market at the MPS Spektakulum. It is truly beautiful. There is good music, delicious food and a general ambience that entices you to relax and feel good. Also, by the way, a good place to flirt. 😉

…to flirt: the traffic light in front of the main entrance to the Dortmund central train station

But my favourite spot to flirt is…at the traffic light in front of the main entrance of the Dortmund central train station. Cars are always speeding by and people make neck-breaking attempts to cross the road. If you are lucky, you see someone shaking their head or angrily muttering something. If that is not the perfect opportunity to talk to someone, then I really don’t know.

…to contemplate: Regional Express (RE) train to Bochum

Since I live in Bochum, but study and work in Dortmund, in the evening I have the opportunity to sit on the train and think quietly about my day. “What went well? What did I learn today?” I can usually give detailed answers to these questions while waiting for the delayed RE train that will take me home.


Philipp is 20 years old and originally from Bochum. In Dortmund, he is doing a dual studies degree programme in social work at IUBH. When not stuck on a train, he practices Ajukate in his free time. This is a martial art that combines traditional martial arts with self-defence.  He also plays in an amateur theatre group.

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