1. IUBH Run4Help

“Everyone is a superhero in some way”

A conversation with Gaby Kabbert, IUBH student advisor and initiator of the 1st IUBH Run4Help, about the charity run on 22 March at the Berlin campus of IUBH


Gaby, you organised the 1st IUBH Run4Help charity run on 22 March. Where did the idea come from?

Gaby Kabbert: It’s actually a really funny story. When I started at IUBH in Berlin last year, my new colleagues thought I was athletic and signed me up for the B2Run race at the Olympic Stadium. As someone with no training at all, it was by far the hardest thing I ever did. As I was quietly suffering on the way home after the run, I swore that all my colleagues on campus would also run even if I had to plan the event myself.

How exactly will the run happen?

Kabbert: It’s simple: Anyone who wants to participate in our charity run needed to find a sponsor in advance. You can be your own sponsor as a private person, or for example you could ask your boss. That’s what our dual studies students did. They will be running tomorrow with the support of companies such as Smarketer, the Scandic Hotel, the media agency in.berlin, halteverbot123 and Top Radiovermarktung. The sponsors will donate a certain amount per lap. Participants can run from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Afterwards, there will be food and drinks for all the runners before Ines Gillmeister, whose husband died of blood cancer gives a reading from her book “Rock Heaven, My Hero” at 4:30 pm.

Why do you refer to this internally as a “superhero” run?

Kabbert: Everyone is a superhero in some way. For example, someone who does something good for society is a hero. The social workers at KiLele and Aktion 70 can easily compete with Superman. And someone who gives someone else the chance to live through a bone marrow transplant is a very special superhero. But the real superheroes are basically the families of those affected, people like Ines Gillmeister and her two kids. Those three will actually participate in the fundraiser together with Batman, Spiderman and other superheroes.

Where do the donations go?

Kabbert: The total donations will be divided amongst three institutions. KiLele – Kinder lernen Leben and Aktion 70 help Berlin children, adolescents and young adults in difficult life situations. And DKMS provides stem cell donations to patients who have blood cancer, giving them a new chance to live.

What happens to people’s engagement in the cause after the donation run?

Kabbert: This is the 1st IUBH is Run4Help, and there will definitely be a second one in 2020 if it’s up to me. Some companies have already told us that we should definitely talk to them again next time. Maybe the 3rd IUBH Run4Help will take place in Dusseldorf, Hamburg or Erfurt. I would be interested in Frankfurt, because I’ve never been there. I would invite Batman again and make sure the weather is good. I promise. 🙂

How can people participate?

Kabbert: Everyone is welcome and can register spontaneously tomorrow. If they don’t like to sweat, they can just walk – like me. Of course you can also donate on site and cheer everyone else on. If you aren’t registered with DKMS, you can register starting at 1:00 pm. Of course you can also just listen to the moving story of Ines’ book “Rock Heaven, My Hero” at 4:30 pm. We are looking forward to seeing everyone!

What would your hope for the charity run be?

Kabbert: That’s a difficult question. First, I hope it’s 15 degrees and sunny for our runners and the barbecue afterwards. Bratwurst with wind and rain tastes ok, but it’s even better with good weather. 🙂 I also just hope we can find a suitable donor and lifesaver at the registration event. And I hope we can get some money together to do something good for the children and youth of KiLele and Aktion 70. Of course I also hope everyone has a good time, because life is serious enough sometimes. 🙂


1. IUBH Run4Help fundraiser, 22 March 2019

Place: IUBH International University, Rolandufer 13, 10179 Berlin


1:00 pm – 6:00 pm: DKMS registration

2:00 pm – 4:00 pm: Charity run

From 4:30 pm: Reading by Ines Gillmeister from her book “Rock Heaven, My Hero”

From 6:00 pm: Announcement of the donation results

Come by and join us!


Gaby Kabbert has been Student Advisor for the bachelor degree programme in marketing management and the master degree programmes in sales & marketing since July 2018. She has been Community Manager DE at Campus Berlin since 2019. In her free time, she likes to travel and discover the most beautiful aspects of the world in every season.

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