Double degree with a view of Mount Kilimanjaro

Germany, Tanzania, Australia: During her Double Bachelor’s Degree studies in International Tourism Management at the IUBH and the Australian ICMS in Sydney, Rebecca lived on three continents. Now she is learning Arabic in Lebanon before starting her Master’s degree studies in Israel.


My name is Rebecca, I am 22 years old and studied in the Double Bachelor’s Degree program in International Tourism Management at the IUBH and the ICMS in Sydney from September 2015 until the beginning of 2019. The Double Degree is a degree awarded by both colleges and can be an important step towards an international career. I chose Tourism Management because I have always travelled extensively and had great interest in other cultures and countries. I also find it fascinating to work with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds. That’s what led me to complete my studies in Tanzania and Australia in addition to Germany.

Between great poverty and luxury safaris

I did my six-month internship, which is a mandatory part of the studies, in Tanzania. It had been a dream of mine for years to go to East Africa to live and work there. Moreover, I wanted to do something else and make a difference instead of sitting in an office all day. I lived in Moshi, right at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. Up until today, I am still in close contact with my host family, who considered me part of their family right from the beginning. While there, I worked for a non-profit social organisation that supports families living in poverty in the area, as well as a large safari and Kilimanjaro mountaineering tour operator. Although I worked in marketing and development for both employers and found my duties very interesting, the two jobs were very different: On the one hand, I saw shocking poverty and met many people who had to endure a lot during their lives. On the other hand, I was marketing luxury safaris. I learned a lot through these stark contrasts: No two days were the same. This made the entire experience tremendously enriching for my life.

Personal growth and doing good

I definitely made the right decision going to Tanzania. The six months there were the best of my life. I fell madly in love with Tanzania during my time there: the people, culture, food, language, and above all, the incredible nature. Although the culture differs immensely from Germany, I felt very comfortable and at home during my internship. I even had the opportunity to see the president live, attend a Tanzanian wedding, and visit the spice island of Zanzibar. Furthermore, during my stay in Moshi, I had a chance to visit the Kilifair, one of the largest East African tourism fairs.

Another plus: Through my time in Tanzania, many of my friends and relatives decided to support the non-profit-organisation I worked for. That allowed us to provide health insurance for more children and build new houses for the people there. Hence, my internship not only brought a lot to me personally, but also to others.

Dream university: Studying in a castle on the beach

Immediately afterwards, I went to Australia for my year abroad. My host university alone, the ICMS in Sydney, was a special place – it’s a castle on the beach. While I had mostly learned about the foundations of business administration and management during my first semesters at the IUBH, the focus of my courses in Australia was on tourism. It was a year full of great experiences and certainly very helpful for my future career.

I was back in German for only a short time before I plunged into my Bachelor’s thesis in September 2018 in order to finish my studies before Christmas. Studying at the IUBH has enabled me to earn two Bachelor’s degrees and to live, study and work in three countries, on three different continents. I learned a lot, met great people from all over the world and gained valuable experience. I would recommend this kind of international program to anyone who is interested.

The next stop: Master’s degree in Tel Aviv

Now that I’ve finished my Bachelor’s degree, I’m currently living in Lebanon for half a year to study Arabic at a language school. After that I’ll start my Master’s degree in “Conflict Resolution and Mediation” at Tel Aviv University in Israel in October. Despite the one and a half years abroad through the IUBH, I still haven’t had my fill of other countries…


Rebecca is 22 years old and studied in the Double Bachelor’s Degree programme in International Tourism Management at the IUBH until the start of 2019. In addition to travelling and learning languages, she enjoys playing tennis in her free time, doing ballet and judo, and loves photography.

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