Distance Learning Abroad: Studying in a vast country that is far, far away

IUBH Distance Learning offers the advantage of being able to study from anywhere. Our students are spread out all over the world. David Wahoff for example, is an IUBH student who has chosen to live in Canada.


My name is David Wahoff, I live in Edmonton Canada, am 28 years old and an IUBH Distance Learning student. Since I work full time, having flexibility was an important criterion when I was choosing a degree programme. This flexibility is exactly what I get at IUBH. There is no required attendance and I can take my exams on a regular basis at the Goethe Institute or simply online. This of course is very attractive for a working expatriate. When I first made inquiries per email, I promptly received friendly and competent advice. I was enrolled within a few days and then I got started – that was back in May 2015. I have been studying since then and am very satisfied with my choice.

A new beginning in North America

Why did I leave my beautiful Emsland –my home – for Canada? As one so often hears, the answer is, for the sake of love. My wife is Canadian. We met in Germany but in August 2013, we decided to start a new life in North America, obtained the needed work permit and packed our bags. At the beginning, being so far away from home was very hard for me. After all, it is almost 10,000 km to Germany. After a while, I got used to the distance, also in part because I could Skype with my family every weekend.

Canada: A vast country, a country of extremes

Distance is in general a catchphrase when it comes to Canada: it is a huge country. At the beginning, I could not fathom the actual size. This changed the day when I wanted to drive to Niagara Falls and someone told me it would take three days without breaks. That was too far for me. Here in Canada everything is a little bit further. In exchange, the country has a diversity of scenery and impressive wildlife: bears, wolfs, moose and whales; icebergs in the north; semi-deserts in the south; cities in the east; the Rocky Mountains and prairies in the west. There is something here for everyone. The climate is also as varied as the landscape. In winter it is, on average, usually about minus 20 degrees where we live and usually a white Christmas. In the far north, it can sometimes get down to minus 50 degrees. During the summer, it can get up to plus 40 degrees. Canada is a country of extremes. And the people? Canada is an immigrant country, making it a multicultural nation. Canadians are extremely friendly and helpful, and this made me feel welcome from the very start.

Future plans: continue my studies and stay in Canada

I would like to complete my degree in 2019 and then do my MBA at IUBH. I hope this will open new career prospects for me. Since my wife and I are very happy living in Canada, we also plan to stay here in the future.

David is 28 years old and pursuing his bachelor’s in business administration (B.A.) at IUBH Distance Learning. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, listening to music, reading or doing karate.

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