Hong Kong

Distance Learning Abroad: A stay in Hong Kong and back again

A degree programme with over 30? Fulltime? Abroad? On top of that, in one of the most expensive cities in the world? Simon Langer took the dare and had wonderful experiences.


My name is Simon Langer, I am 35, born in Aalen and very happily married. This also brought me to Hong Kong. My wife is South African so we have always travelled extensively. When she got an excellent job offer in Hong Kong it was clear that it was just too good to refuse.

A coming and going between skyscrapers and Disneyland

I was surprised to discover Hong Kong’s incredible diversity. Here you can find everything from skyscrapers and secluded sandy beaches, to Disneyland!

I have never seen so many nationalities in such a small space. Due to the constant coming and going that defines Hong Kong, you encounter many other expats from a full spectrum of different countries. My circle of friends here are mainly British, Sri Lankans, Indians, Australians and, of course, Chinese.

I have come to appreciate many things that I took for granted in Germany. For example, food and eating out in Hong Kong is four times more expensive: for one litre of milk, you can pay the equivalent of 5 euros. It is no wonder that the metropolis is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world.

New challenges

I wanted to use my time in Hong Kong to take on a new challenge and further advance my career. I come from real estate management and it was always clear to me that I wanted to continue working in this field, but eventually in a different area. My wife encouraged me, even at “my age”, to pursue a degree programme. After a short period of consideration, I made the decision: I will become a full-time student! And that with over 30!

Since it was clear from the beginning that we would only be staying in Hong Kong for a limited amount of time, it was important for me to study at a German university. I consequently decided to study business administration at IUBH Distance Learning with a specialisation in real estate management. For me, studying is a great experience and I really enjoy it. The flexibility of IUBH’s programmes is hard to beat.

This became increasingly important after my daughter was born. The greatest highlight of my life and at the same time a big challenge. Suddenly I was a father, a stay at home dad, and a student. Being organised is the key to everything. You also learn to do multi-tasking – definitely a great skill for future professional work.

“It’s time to settle down”

We have now decided to move back to Germany in the course of this year. Primarily for the sake of our daughter. It is time to settle down!

The plan is to finish my studies this year and then return to full time professional work. I will always have fond memories of my time in Hong Kong, my studies at IUBH and all the great experiences I had here.


Simon is 35 years and has been studying Bachelor Immobilienmanagement (B.A.) at IUBH Distance Learning since April 2016.

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