Combine business with pleasure

We want to know what our students like best about the places where they study. Today, Berk tells us about his winter semester in Frankfurt:


Frankfurt is more than just a trade-fair location and international financial centre. What I especially appreciate about the metropolis on the Main is that you live in big city where there are plenty of things to do and it is easy to get to wherever you want to go.

Frankfurt am MainMy favourite place in Frankfurt…

…to study:

I need peace and quiet when I study so for me cafés and the like are not an option. Instead, my favourite place to study is at my desk at home. In summer, I also like to find a quiet corner in a park. It is a nice way to combine business with pleasure.

…to shop:

No question, the Zeil is Frankfurt’s premier shopping promenade. However, my personal recommendation is the Main-Taunus-Zentrum shopping centre: no matter what you are looking for, you will find it there!

…to go out:

In Frankfurt there are tons of bars and pubs to meet every taste. There are also plenty of options for partying: there is a location for every type of music. My favourite place to go to is Alt-Sachsenhausen where there is one bar after the other. It is great for bar hopping with friends.

…to eat delicious food:

Delicious food in Frankfurt? Definitely at Medici! They have a great Mediterranean cuisine with international influences. It is also easy to get to, being centrally located near the Hauptwache Frankfurt, (a former guardhouse built in 1730).

…to contemplate:

To reflect on my thoughts I like to go to the Main River where I can sit on a bench with a view of the skyline and the Main, and let my thoughts wander.

…to enjoy the sun:

When the weather cooperates, my favourite place to enjoy the sun is the Palm Garden in Frankfurt. The park is huge and full of exotic plants and expansive green areas. Definitely worth a visit! Or the roof terrace of the Galeria Kaufhof. There you have a very nice view over the skyline and can enjoy a cool drink.


Berk is 22 years old. He has been studying business administration with a concentration in real estate management at IUBH in Frankfurt am Main since 2017. In his free time he enjoys reading books, working out in the gym and meeting with friends.

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